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Emma Arnold’s Comedy Album & Special MYSELF Announced for an April 28, 2023 Release on Blonde Medic

NEW YORK, NY - April 14, 2023 - Blonde Medicine is excited to announce the upcoming special and comedy album from Emma Arnold, MYSELF, due out April 28th, available on her YouTube channel and everywhere comedy is streamed and sold.

MYSELF allowed comedian Emma Arnold a space to reflect on being a mother, newlywed, and reasonable person trying to survive Idaho’s politics, the world of comedy, and all the related trauma and stress. In her words, “this album is a real return to myself, hence the name.” This album and special are a hilarious and intimate glimpse into her life.

In her fifth album, Arnold finds the perfect balance between her storytelling skills and side-splitting joke-writing, delving into her experiences as a mom of three teenage sons, a newlywed with festive sexual proclivities, and a traveling beekeeper.

The pre-order is available now for both the digital album and the forthcoming limited edition vinyl. Recorded live at The Infinity Room in Salem, the video version of MYSELF will be available on Emma Arnold’s YouTube channel and the digital album drops everywhere comedy is streamed or sold on Friday, April 28.

About Emma Arnold

Emma Arnold is an Idaho backcountry-raised comedian, artist, and beekeeper. Her comedy special, “Yes, Please”, has been viewed over a million times and she’s put out four critically-acclaimed standup comedy albums with Blonde Medicine Records. In 2019, she was featured in Forbes Magazine, which called her, “One of the hardest-working comics in the industry.” When not touring, Emma lives in Boise, where she enjoys being the much-beloved host of the much-beloved City Cast Boise podcast and keeping bees and children with varying degrees of success.

Emma Arnold online:


01. Thank You, Salem

02. Jeans That Fit

03. Two Reasons I’m Quitting Comedy

04. A Beekeeping Story

05. Boobs or No Boobs?

06. A Christmas Kink

07. We’re a Fun Couple

08. Same, Bro!

09. Male Logic

10. Citizens with Sandwiches

11. I Want the Young People to Know

12. DIY Bumper Stickers

13. I’m an Old Mom

14. Sleeping with The Sleepless

15. That’s It for Me

16. Idahoan Politics

17. Home Never Alone

18. I Am Not Threatening You

19. Myself

20. A Riddle

About Blonde Medicine:

Blonde Medicine is a record label and production company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. With roots in comedy and music production, they aim to help Artists make great art, no matter what form it may take. Their genre-spanning releases can be found at

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