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JEFF CERULLI "LIVE at the BOMB SHELTER" comedy special OUT TODAY on Comedy Dynamics








Advance stream available by request


NYC-based comedian, writer and filmmaker Jeff Cerulli and Comedy Dynamics are pleased to announce the release of Live at the Bomb Shelter, Cerulli’s debut full-length comedy special, OUT TODAY everywhere comedy can be streamed.


Cerulli takes the stage at NYC’s Bomb Shelter for an hour of comedy that takes viewers on a hilarious journey through growing up on Long Island, the true crime craze, the joys of being a dog-dad, getting engaged after 10 years, and the struggles of helping an aging parent. Notably Cerulli gets into the bad NYC apartments he's lived in: “I had to move about a year ago because my last apartment was filled with lead…which is not what you want.”  


Cerulli always loved stand up comedy, and knew he would try it one day. He started running comedy shows in his 20s - a great way to land consistent stage time. “I have run so many random shows at different places in the city that most of the bars are now either a 7/11 or a Citibank”. The Bomb Shelter is a weekly comedy show run by Cerulli since 2016 in the basement of the Gaf West - one of the best independent comedy rooms in New York, super-intimate with low ceilings, a hot pipe and Christmas lights all year round. Says Cerulli: “There isn’t anything else like it, going up and telling jokes without a net. It is the only artform you must practice in front of strangers to get better.” 


Cerulli is a filmmaker as well as a comedian, with multiple documentaries, web-series, and short films to his credit. Thus, he opted to make his own special a DIY affair, hiring amazing DP friend Ari Rothschild to shoot and run sound, and Paul Levin from International Digital Centre to mix. Cerulli edited Live at the Bomb Shelter himself, deftly switching hats: “I have been doing comedy for a long time, I have enough material, just do it.“ Cerulli took it to Comedy Dynamics because he loves what they are doing in the comedy space and was thrilled that they came aboard to distribute. 




Jeff Cerulli is a NYC-based stand-up comedian and filmmaker who has performed all around the world. Jeff has been featured on Sirius radios Jim & Sam show, Amazon Game Breakers, The Laugh Button & Decider. His web series The Feed earned critical praise - The Observer said “it hits too close to home” and Paste called it “a sly satire on social media.” Jeff’s feature-length documentary debut Hungry premiered at the IFC Center as part of the DOC NYC film festival. His latest documentary Tasteless, about the ever-changing comedy landscape, is currently available on Apple TV. Jeff currently hosts the podcast Your Team’s Stuff where he invites a guest to judge memorabilia he finds off eBay for their favorite sports team. 





Comedy Dynamics is the largest independent comedy production and distribution company. They have released comedy specials from some of the biggest names in comedy such as Tom Segura, Jim Gaffigan, Ali Wong, Gary Gulman, Laurie Killmartin & more.  


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