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Media Relations and PR

The cornerstone of any promotional or awareness campaign is finding one's place in the current news media discourse. We're interested in finding all the available placements for your projects and personality in magazines, online outlets, newspapers, podcasts, new media projects and broadcast media.

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Podcast Booking

We propose a guest schedule for your podcast and bring in the guests through stretegic outreach through our vast contact network. We will book guests that are absolutely right for you and your show, shaping the premise and energy of your podcast to reflect who you are, and what you want to say and accomplish.

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Podcast Guesting

As a firm that has worked with podcasts since the inception of the medium, we have carefully built the most extensive reach into the world of podcast networks, guest bookers and producers, and we understand the landscape of podcasting, and the value of guesting on podcasts. We are able to garner the right opportunities for our clients to appear on podcasts that serve to raise their platform in the most evergreen and sustained bit of exposure the media can offer. 

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