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OUT NOW: Short Film by Jenn Harris (American Fiction, High Maintenance), "She's Clean"


A Short Film By Jenn Harris 

Out Today: June 5, 2024 On Vimeo

Content warning: contains nudity and is intended for mature audiences only


"stunning dramedy" - Film Threat


“Jenn Harris takes comedy very seriously. An award-winning director, writer and actress, she puts it all out there — literally — in her new film, She’s Clean.” - AM New York


She’s Clean is a short that will resonate with anyone who dares to watch it and dares to look within their own soul and biology to figure out what is what. [Harris’s] passion with this project is the ultimate greatness about it.” -




Logline: From the comfort of her bathroom, a resilient woman tries to marry her desires for sexual freedom with emotional intimacy by showering with all her dates.


New York, NY - Wed June 5, 2024 – Award-winning director, writer and actor Jenn Harris, who can currently be seen in the Oscar-Winning film American Fiction, has just released her award-winning, critically acclaimed short film, She’s Clean today, June 5, 2024 after the film has enjoyed resounding response at film festival screenings around the world. Harris won Best Actress at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival, and Best Female Director at the Poppy Jasper Film Festival, and screened at several other notable and Oscar-qualifying festivals.


She’s Clean is a comedic short film written and directed by and starring Jenn Harris (American Fiction), Louis Cancelm (Killers of the Flower Moon), and 11 other men. Shot all in one location – our protagonist’s bathroom – a woman tries to marry her desires for sexual freedom with emotional intimacy by showering with all of her dates. The film is an achingly personal story of a woman who chooses to share her most intimate space with her lovers, exposing herself to a plenitude of reactions. It was important to Harris to make a film involving sex where all the characters are consenting, non-harming and in which there is no need to point out the permission or excuses our hero needs in order for her to enjoy herself and her partners. There’s also a look into intimacy and middle age, “the delicacy and loneliness of it when you are perfectly happy with the way you’ve turned out” is something Harris says is hard to put her finger on. Critics agree that she’s succeeded including the Cinetropolis podcast who called the film “a clever, refreshing, and more personable take on the oldest human tradition through comedy.”


Said Jenn Harris:


“I wanted to explore intimacy, intimate relations and sex on film in a way that I hadn’t seen captured before, with a female character in her sexual prime engaging in intimacy and sex without commenting on it, excusing it, or making fun of it. Intimacy is deeply nuanced and I feel most filmmaking has been afraid of that nuance so they resort to exploitation or silliness.”


She’s Clean is available to the public via Vimeo as of today June 5, 2024 and can be seen for FREE here:


All PR Inquiries to Kathryn Musilek at Shark Party Media:




“Achingly truthful and utterly unashamed, SHE'S CLEAN disarms you with the audacity of depicting actual human bodies, and while you're wrestling with your own hangups, it sneaks in an entire spectrum of human experience under your radar. The people are naked, yes, but this movie's true vulnerability lies in the soul it lays bare.” - Stephen Stull, Florida Film Festival


"She’s Clean, utilizing a bathroom as the sole setting, allows the audience access to the inner sanctum of a woman’s search for intimacy with another person. This film successfully conveys much about the human condition and our inherent need to connect.” - Kat Whitacre, Florida Film Festival


“She’s Clean is such a vulnerable film, not just from the perspective of what Harris puts on screen visually. At its core, it craves for emotional intimacy while revealing how the succession of partners are so seemingly defensive and uncomfortable with a woman who is in full control of her sexuality.” - Tim Anderson, Florida Film Festival



Jenn Harris Recent Interviews:



Festival Credits: Florida Film Festival*, Deadcenter Film Festival*, Tallgrass Film Festival, Pöff Shorts Black Nights Film Festival*, Atlanta Shortsfest, San Francisco Short Film Festival, Buffalo International Film Festival, The Valley Film Festival, No Coast Film Festival, Minimalen Short Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival Semi-Finalist*  *Oscar Qualifying Festival










Jenn Harris is an award-winning director/writer, actor, and producer from a small cornfield town in Illinois who takes comedy very seriously ;) She can currently be seen in the Oscar- winning film American Fiction.  She's Clean, which she wrote, directed and starred in won Best Director at The Poppy Jasper Film Festival ‘23 and Best Actress at The Los Angeles Short Film Festival. Her series NEW YORK IS DEAD premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, won Best Comedy at the New York Television Festival and Best Actress at SeriesFest. Her short film Island Queen, starring Rachel Dratch and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, played several prestigious festivals in 2020 including The San Francisco Film Festival and Florida Film Festival. Jenn has freelanced with Conde Nast Entertainment, created content for VR with Double Eye Studios where they won the Lion at the 2020 Venice Film Festival for Best VR Immersive and wrote the comedy “My Name is Karen!” and “SNITCH” for Theaterworks Hartford. As an actor in New York, Jenn is known for originating the role of Clarice Starling in "Silence! The Musical" and she won a Lortel and Theatre World Award for her performance in Modern Orthodox. Some film and television credits include: "High Maintenance", "Search Party", "30 Rock", "Gayby" (SXSW 2012), "Difficult People", "Younger", "Bored to Death", "Fits and Starts"(SXSW 2017). Jenn is a Professor at USD where she teaches Acting for the Camera and Comedy for the MFA acting program. She is also a recent mentee of the Ryan Murphy Half Initiative Director Program. 


Jenn Harris Online:  Official Website - Instagram





Writer, producer, director, actor - Jenn Harris (American Fiction, Search Party. High Maintenance)


Director of Photography - Charlie Gruet (High Maintenance, The Other Two)


Actors - Louis Cancelm (Killers of the Flower Moon, Irishman), Randy Harrison (Queer as Folk) , Eric Tabach, Becca Blackwell, Jackson Mercado, Ryan Czerwonko, David J. Cork, Keith Contreras, Genesis Oliver, Brandon Ocasio, Gjermund Gjesme, Michael Borrelli and Ryan Bourque


Casting Director - Andrew Fem


Intimacy Coordinator - Brooke M. Haney (Author: The Intimacy Coordinator’s Guidebook)

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