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Jay Larson: ME BEING ME Hour Special Out October 20th


Jay Larson:

Me Being Me

"Perfect Comedy, Perfect Storytelling…" - Ira Glass

Email for a screener of the special, interview requests and all Pr Inquiries.

There are exclusive clips to offer online outlets as premieres.

Jay Larson, seasoned comedian known for his countless other television (Twin Peaks, Comedy Central) and podcast (This American Life, "Wrong Number") appearances, is poised to release his hour special, Me Being Me, on October 20th via his website,, as well as on Amazon and Vimeo. The audio version of the special will also be available via Audible Comedy the same day.

Me Being Me, taped at El Rey Theater earlier this year, is a disarming and blunt account of family life, marriage, neighborhood vigilantes and more, all in his no-holds-barred, honest and endearing delivery. The hour closes out with a touching and unexpected account of the passing of his estranged father and what was left to him.

Jay Larson is best known as a stand up comedian with multiple appearances on Comedy Central including, “Live at Gotham”, “The Meltdown”, two seasons of “This is Not Happening” and his own half hour special, “Comedy Central Presents”. He also has several notable credits in the sports world including writing on Shaquille O'Neal's TruTV show and running the Fox NFL Robot, Cleatus' twitter feed for two seasons. Jay's style is completely original and his ability to connect to an audience through storytelling is unmatched. His "Wrong Number" story went viral after climbing to #1 on Reddit and was also featured on "This American Life" with Ira Glass claiming, "Perfect Comedy, Perfect Storytelling…" Jay has performed Late Night seven times in including four appearances on Conan and he can be heard every Tuesday on his wildly successful podcast, The CrabFeast. Jay's first album, "Self Diagnosed" was released in 2011 and received great reviews, and was followed by, "Human Math" which released in 2016.

In the last four years Jay has worn many other hats. As someone who never shied away from an alcoholic beverage or a conversation with strangers Jay Co-hosted the show “Best Bars in America” for Esquire Network. And while meeting people and hearing their stories is one of his passions, so is acting out make believe people on The Big Screen and the little screen. In 2015 Jay made his Motion Picture debut in the Critically acclaimed Karyn Kusama thriller The Invitation. The success of the movie led to a role in the highly anticipated and long awaited second season of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” which is currently running on Showtime. He’s been on a roll with parts in the upcoming Indie’s, Concrete Kids and All Square. And while all of this sounds like a lot he still finds time to really take his story telling to the next level in his own writing. He recently sold two different scripted TV shows to Fox and NBC Universal, wrote for Comedy Central and TruTV as well as ghost writing for some major motion pictures he can’t talk about and was part of the writing team for the video game NBA2K18!

Jay Larson is what you might call a "5 tool" comedian. In addition to stand-up and acting, he's done plenty within the world of sports. He's played The Boston Garden in front of 11,000 people for Cam Neely's "Comics Come Home" and is part of Rob Gronkowski's stand up special on Showtime. As mentioned, he wrote for two seasons at Fox covering the NFL and running the Fox robot, "Cleatus's" twitter feed... yes you read that right. He was a contributing writer on the TruTV show "Shaq Inc" for Shaquille O'neal, he wrote on the newest version of "NBA2K" set to release this month, he's a 7 handicapper with a golf show in development with Turner, he played college baseball and led his school in the plate, not on the mound!!! His new stand up special, "Me Being Me" is set to be released October 20th and is sure to be a Home run!

With the next creative project just around the corner Jay gets the most joy from being with his family and raising his two children.

Media Contact:

Kathryn Musilek

Shark Party Media

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