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Out July 21: Tony Hinchcliffe's new comedy album ONE SHOT



July 5, 2017: Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe (Comedy Central Roasts, Killy Tony) is set to release his new comedy album One Shot, on Audible Channels and available wherever albums are streamed and sold on July 21. Tony's dark and unapologetic material has helped him make a name for himself around the world in standup, television and podcasting - and this summer he is also being featured on Monster Energy’s Outbreak Tour.

Tony Hinchcliffe started stand-up comedy at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood in 2007. An amazing comedy club known for being a hub of development, Tony used the darkness and freedom of the club to mend his trademark style of dark edgy jokes and seamlessly going in and out of material and crowdwork. While constantly doing standup he has also written for the last five Comedy Central Roasts and hosts his popular live podcast Kill Tony. His popularity began to thrive in 2014 after becoming a regular guest on The Joe Rogan Experience. Tony's first comedy special "One Shot" debuted January 15, 2016 on Netflix.

More About Tony Hinchcliffe:

A stand-up comedian considered a fresh new evolution to the now immensely popular roasting scene, Tony Hinchcliffe is one of the most widely respected punch-up writers for both TV and standup and is highly trusted by some of the best comedians in the world (Chris Rock, Dave Attell). Hinchcliffe has worked as a staff writer on the past five Comedy Central Roasts, including the Justin Bieber Roast, where he was responsible for Martha Stewart’s iconic set, and his innovative 2016 one hour comedy special, “One Shot”, which follows him in one continuous take, is now streaming on Netflix. Additionally, Hinchcliffe hosts his own weekly show and podcast, “Kill Tony,” which has over 200k downloads per week. On the road he sells out with strong drawing power due to his podcast, being a regular on The Joe Rogan Experience, and years of touring with Jeffrey Ross, Joe Rogan, Dave Attell, and most recently Dave Chappelle. Previously, he served as a writer for NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly, Will Ferrell’s one hour special, the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, the Comedy Central specials Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail and Justin Willman’s Sleight of Mouth. Visit Tony’s website at Follow Tony on Twitter: @TonyHinchcliffe

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