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Steven Rogers Debut Comedy Album "BEFORE HE WAS SUPER" to Launch May 6, 2022 on Blonde Medicine

Debut Comedy Album From National Touring Comic and Co-Host of the Panic Attacking Podcast, Steven Rogers Out May 6, 2022 on Blond Medicine

Blonde Medicine is excited to announce the May 6, 2022 release of Steven Rogers’ debut comedy album. Recorded at The Tropicana Room at the National Comedy Center, Steven Rogers' Before He Was Super is a prime example of personal material and deft writing, forged on New York’s best stages. Coinciding nicely with Mental Health Awareness Month, the album, like much of Rogers’ work, has an emphasis on mental health management, including what it’s like when even the anxiety medicine directions give you anxiety, lying about being a smoker to get away from socializing at parties, and how unhelpful guy friends are during a panic attack. He also touches on dating strong women, growing up with very cool parents, and his adventures in car maintenance.

Originally from Syracuse, NY, Steven Rogers is a New York City-based comedian who made his National TV debut in 2019 on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and has been featured in multiple comedy festivals such as Lucy Fest, Rogue Island, and the Limestone Comedy Festival. He also has a popular anxiety-themed podcast with fellow comedian Andrew Schiavone called, Panic Attacking. Steven’s comedic ability has established him in numerous comedy clubs and as a regular opener for Brian Regan in theaters across the country. His clever rapid-fire material full of observations about his life and the world around him has entertained audiences from coast to coast.

Steven Rogers: Before He Was Super

Out may 6, 2022 on Blonde Medicine


1. Please Make It Loud

2. Before He Was Super

3. Could Always Be Worse

4. I Love Therapy

5. Home Invasions

6. Social Anxiety

7. Car Surgery*

8. Flight Then Fight

9. Pectus Excavatum

10. Jump Rope*

11. Competitive Swimmer

12. Dad Got Hacked*

13. Old Lady Smell

14. In a Relationship

15. Strong Women

16. Come On, Eyes!

*Instant Grat Tracks Available With Pre-Order

Steven Rogers Online:

Instagram: @StevenRogersComedy

Official Website:

Twitter: @NotSteveRogers

Tiktock @StevenRogersComedy

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