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NEW SINGLE out May 28, 2021

(single available to press by request)

Matu gives a masterclass in self-care on this deeply personal, yet universally relatable track

Single Artwork by Jason Matu

“Be nice to yourself. Be nice to yourself. Be nice to yourself. Be nice to yourself.”

These are the words that stuck in Jason Matu’s head while grieving the loss of the love of his life, Sarah. After feeling pressured by friends to seek therapy after Sarah’s passing, Jason became obsessed with a question his therapist presented him with: “Isn’t there some way you can make room to give yourself some kindness?”Matu began to wake up to find this question haunting him. He repeated the phrase 'be nice to yourself' over and over again. Eventually, it sort of worked, and Jason’s been getting better ever since. Naturally, he worked it into a song.

Be Nice To Yourself, the new single from Jason Matu, is a guitar-driven pep talk; acting as an act of aggression against Jason’s feelings of infinite loneliness and self-loathing following Sarah’s death. Recorded remotely in conjunction with producer, frequent collaborator and Grammy-nominee Justin Craig (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Be Nice To Yourself focuses on the feelings of grief and the ability to take time for one’s self in times of tragedy. In short, it acts as a masterclass in self-care.

Be Nice To Yourself will be available everywhere music is streamed on May 28, 2021.

About Jason Matu:

Jason Matu is a writer of songs and other words living in Brooklyn, NY. His music is both timeless and contemporary, he creates simple, immediate songs with a literary bent and expansive soundscapes.

His upcoming single, Be Nice To Yourself, comes right off the release of the laid-back, sun-drenched Pink Sun of Bisbee. Sometimes direct, sometimes oblique, sometimes both in the space of a single verse, Jason brings his training in poetry and fiction to his work as a songwriter. Moreover, he is as prolific as he is enthusiastic.

Jason is releasing a string of singles that will become the follow-up to January’s widely praised “Dumb Ecstatic Bliss” LP - which was said to contain “masterful songcraft,” by East Portland Blog, and “brings to mind Flaming Lips, Manchester Orchestra, and other indie-rock greats” by the likes of BuffaBlog. Jason fully endorses the accuracy of these kind words.

Jason Matu Resources:

Instagram: @jason.matu

Recent Release: Pink Sun of Bisbee


Media Contact:

Andrew Gerhan / Sean Joyce

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