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Jason Matu

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Renowned indie-folk artist Jason Matu is yearning for better days ahead, just like the rest of us. “Fare Thee Well” - the first single from Jason Matu’s upcoming Same Day EP -  is a white hot slab of Americana in which Jason says so long to the bad times (and the even worse vibes) of recent memory and steps boldly out into the light in this impressionistic lyrical portrait of an amorphous feeling of perseverance and triumph. Described as being “a 2021 version of Tom Petty meets Flying Burrito Brothers meets The Byrds!”, “Fare Thee Well” draws on the stylings of classic singer-songwriters of yore. “Fare Thee Well” is due for release across music platforms on September 17th, 2021. 


Same Day, Matu’s upcoming EP, was written in one day’s time and later recorded in conjunction with frequent collaborator and Grammy-nominated producer Justin Craig (Hedwig and The Angry Inch) in the fall of 2020 at the producer’s Lower East Side studio. Jordan and Talor Steinberg of The Moon City Masters joined on bass and guitar with Justin holding down the rhythm on drums. The incomparable Matt Duncan (Hedwig and The Angry Inch) arranged and played glorious horns on “That’s Fine”. 




  1. Fare Thee Well

  2. Covid-19 (2020)

  3. That’s Fine


About Jason Matu:


Jason Matu is a writer of songs and other words living in Brooklyn, NY. His music is both timeless and contemporary, he creates simple, immediate songs with a literary bent and expansive soundscapes. Jason is also a human that has lived many lives. After taking the worst advice anyone has ever given him — "don’t pursue music until after you’ve finished college” — he did it one better and decided to go to law school. Jason’s muse was then the written word. 


Eventually, Matu rediscovered his musical purpose after insulating himself as a creative force in a short-lived arena rock band, and shifted priorities. Having quit the law game to be a rockstar (a highly recommended career move) and having since moved to Brooklyn, Jason’s girlfriend forced her friend to be in a band with him, because she was tired of Jason’s inaction. Somehow, that worked. When a series of tragic medical emergencies, deaths, and global pandemics prevented the rock from rolling with their synthy pals in the group, Jason was quite literally (and figuratively) forced underground. 


In his isolated, stately garden-level apartment, Jason found himself writing song after song. With no one else to sing them, Jason took it upon himself to execute the daunting task. Somewhere in the cracks between 5,000 discarded lines of song, Jason found his voice. Along with Grammy-nominated producer Justin Craig and frequent collaborators  Adam Kruckenberg and Cedric Sparkman, Jason made his debut album;  the space folk classic, Dumb Ecstatic Bliss, which soared to #115 on the college radio charts. He is now hard at work on his neon Americana follow-up, bringing his pals in The Moon City Masters along this time for the forthcoming Same Day EP, titled as such due to the fact that all three songs were written on the same day during the pandemic.

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