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Accomplished singer-songwriter Jason Matu is inviting listeners to kick back, relax and watch the gorgeous and magical pink sun of Bisbee, even if just for three minutes.

Pink Sun of Bisbee, the new single from Jason Matu (out April 6th), is a hopeful rendering of the words that the singer wants the song’s narrator to say. Throughout the Matu-penned track, the narrator expresses a desire for him to visit her under the gorgeous and magical pink sun of Bisbee. And by rendering it in song, it was manifested in real life!

Produced and mixed by Grammy-nominee Justin Craig, with mastering handled by Grammy-winners Steve Fallone and Gregg Calbi of Sterling Sound, Pink Sun of Bisbee focuses on the feelings of affection, connection, and longing.

“With Pink Sun of Bisbee I really wanted to sonically capture the feel of the town of Bisbee, Arizona. It is a magical place in the mountains just a few miles from Mexico. Time almost certainly travels slower in Bisbee. Work-life balance inheres in the mores of the people of the town. And its pink skies are incomparable” says Matu, musing on the single’s themes and influences.

About Jason Matu:

Jason Matu is a writer of songs and other words living in Brooklyn, NY. His music seeks to embody both timelessness and the contemporary, through simple, immediate songs with a literary bent and expansive soundscapes.

Jason released the album, “Dumb Ecstatic Bliss” in January 2021, which was said to contain “masterful songcraft,” by East Portland Blog, and “brings to mind Flaming Lips, Manchester Orchestra, and other indie-rock greats” by the likes of BuffaBlog. Jason fully endorses the accuracy of these kind words.

Sometimes direct, sometimes oblique, sometimes both in the space of a single verse, Jason brings his training in poetry and fiction to his work as a songwriter. Moreover, he is as prolific as he is enthusiastic. Currently, Jason is in the process of releasing the music that will ultimately culminate in his next album.

Jason Matu Resources:

Instagram: @jason.matu


Media Contact:

Andrew Gerhan / Sean Joyce

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