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New Audible Original 'None of Our Business' Out 7/31 - Hosted by The Templeton Philharmonic

Cover art by Audible

Featuring Interviews with Reggie Watts, Anna Sale, Scott Thompson and More

Coming July 31st in the U.S. from Audible

What’s the weirdest conversation you’ve ever overheard while eavesdropping? Was it hilarious? Disturbing? None of Our Business is a new Audible production based on stories of eavesdropping, hosted by comedians Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton, who often perform together as award-winning sketch comedy duo The Templeton Philharmonic (voted “Best Duo” at the LA Comedy Festival, and “Producer’s Pick” at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival). This new original audio series debuts on July 24th in Canada and July 31st, exclusively on Audible. In each episode, Templeton and Phillips interview a celebrity guest and ask them about their lives, their work, and the most fascinating, alarming, or just plain weird conversations they’ve overheard. Then, the hosts transform this eavesdropping moment into a comedic sketch based on the story. The result? Audio pandemonium. Join None of Our Business as they interview fascinating people, and transport listeners to all kinds of places with their sketches - from old timey Brooklyn, to a xylophone concert, to outer space, and beyond! The thing that connects these hilarious scenes is human curiosity and the joy of eavesdropping on strangers… even though it’s really none of our business.

The season features stories with Reggie Watts (Comedy Bang! Bang!), Tony Hale (Arrested Development), Anna Sale (WNYC’s Sex, Death & Money), Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway?), Scott Thompson (The Kids In The Hall), Josh Fadem (Twin Peaks), Carolyn Taylor (Baroness Von Sketch Show), Kurt Braunohler (The Big Sick), Sam Richardson (VEEP) and astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield.



Gwynne Phillips is an actor, writer and comedian currently residing in Toronto. She attended the University of Toronto where she was coached by theatre veterans Ken Gass and Berliner director, Johanna Schall. Since then, Phillips has appeared in several self-produced productions around Toronto.

Select acting credits include: June in An Evening in July (The Templeton Philharmonic); Barbra in Night of the Living Dead Live! (Christopher Bond/Nictophobia Films); Marie in Nutcracker Storytime (The National Ballet of Canada); Various in the Canadian Comedy Award nominated RAPP BATTLEZ; Frudel Henri Faberge’s Heligoland Follies; Emily in Thaiing the Knot (Beacon Theatre Company); Various in Politically Correct Bedtime Stories (The Pheasant Plucker’s Mates); I <3 Future (Il Piccolo Teatro di Milano). Technical credits include: Set design and stage management (Les Azuriales Opera Festival, France) and sound technician of A Dream Play (UCDP) in Toronto. Gwynne is currently represented by Oldfield Talent Management in Toronto.


Like Phillips, Templeton is a graduate of the University of Toronto. Some of her stage credits include: May in An Evening in July (The Templeton Philharmonic); Sister Felicity in Suddenly Last Summer (The Tennessee Project); Biederman in Fire Raisers (the redlight district); Various in RAPP BATTLEZ; Lady Templeton in Henri Faberge's Heligoland Follies; Ivona in Princess Ivona of Burgundia (the redlight district); Envia in ENVIA! (The New Works Festival); The Strange Girl in I <3 Future (Il Piccolo Teatro di Milano). She also co-produced Politically Correct Bedtime Stories for the 2009 Toronto Fringe Festival (winner of “Patron’s Pick” and “Best of the Fest"). Recently, she co-wrote and starred in the award winning short film Slow Burn (The InsideOut Film Festival). Behind the scenes, she's worked for companies such as Serendipity Point Films, 20th Century Fox Films Canada, and Cineplex Entertainment. Briana is currently represented by Baxter Agency in Toronto.

Episode Descriptions:

NONE OF OUR BUSINESS - Episode 1 (REGGIE WATTS & “MELANIE FORGOT”) Reggie Watts is a well-known musician, improviser, and comedian. Reggie remembers the time he overheard a conversation about a xylophone in LA. Our hosts take Reggie’s tale in a direction that would put any stage fright nightmare to shame. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS - Episode 2 (TONY HALE & “AIRPLANE MODE”) Tony Hale is known for his legendary performance as Buster Bluth in Arrested Development. Tony tells them about trying to NOT overhear a highly inappropriate conversation on an airplane. Will he tell the ultra rude passenger behind him to quiet down? NONE OF OUR BUSINESS - Episode 3 (ANNA SALE & “ANYTHING ELSE, DUDE?”) Anna Sale helms an award winning podcast called Death, Sex & Money. Anna tells them about her visit to a trendy NYC lunch spot, where the employees seem to call all the customers “dude”, and Gwynn and Brianna try to imagine that world. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS - Episode 4 (COLIN MOCHRIE & “DEATHBED CONFESSIONAL”) Colin Mochrie appearances on both the British and US versions of the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? have made him a household name. Briana and Gwynne have a candid chat with Colin about his life as a Canadian comedian, his activism, and a mysterious tale about family secrets he overheard at the airport. The resulting sketch takes place at a hospital … where a man’s dying words uncover much more than his family anticipated. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS - Episode 5 (SCOTT THOMPSON & “AMERICA’S SWEETHEART”) Scott Thompson is best known for his work with sketch troupe The Kids in The Hall. Scott tells Briana and Gwynne about an incident he overheard at the Emmy Awards. They all perform a shocking celebrity-based sketch worthy of any 90’s gossip mag. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS - Episode 6 (JOSH FADEM & “TRICK PHOTOGRAPHY”) Josh Fadem is an actor, writer, and comedian known for Better Call Saul, 30 Rock, and Twin Peaks.Josh tells a great story about overhearing two ladies chatting at an AMC theatre during a screening of Space Cowboys at a pivotal time for millennials and cinema alike … the year 2000. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS - Episode 7 (CAROLYN TAYLOR & “BRUNCH”) [Contains explicit content] Carolyn Taylor is one of the stars of the hit CBC sketch comedy series The Baroness Von Sketch Show. Carolyn recalls overhearing a strange conversation concerning being too talkative at brunch. The episode also features a sketch about the perils of that legendary meal between breakfast and lunch. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS - Episode 8 (KURT BRAUNOHLER & “A BROOKLYN TALE”) Kurt Braunohler is an actor and stand-up comedian, who recently appeared in The Big Sick and Lady Dynamite. Kurt tells the story of a perplexing incident involving himself, comedian Jon Daly, and an argument between two drunk men. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS - Episode 9 (SAM RICHARDSON & “I’LL PASS”) Sam Richardson is an actor, writer, and comedian, best-known for his roles on the HBO seriesVEEP and Detroiters on Comedy Central. While discussing Sam’s red carpet coverage at the SAG Awards, Sam recalls a moment where he accidentally overheard an entertainment reporter utter a rude comment. This spawns a sketch that revolves around the reporter’s life. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS - Episode 10 (COL. CHRIS HADFIELD & “MISSION CONTROL”) Canadian Astronaut, Colonel Chris Hadfield, gives the scoop on all the eavesdropping that happens aboard the International Space station – inspiring a sketch about CAPCOM chaos and moustache vacuums called “Mission Control”.

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