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Aesthetic Magazine Premieres New Music Video "Lemon Balm" by Siberian Traps off Upcoming L

Siberian Traps Announces Third Full Length Album:



"The result is the sound of a band at the crossroads, embracing changes, new challenges, opportunities,

trading their angular tones for something birthed out of the tradition of all the new romantic greats."

-Impose Magazine

“It’s the kind of music you’d want to hear while enjoying some traffic-free miles of an express lane on a sunny day.” -Fort Worth Weekly

May 8, 2017: Siberian Traps will be releasing their third full length album Indicator out this June, with summer tour dates to follow. The band has been playing together since 2011, forming first in Nashville, and later relocating to Fort Worth, Texas in 2012. The band's third album Indicator marks a significant growth from their earlier days of jangly, spirit-rock into a band with a more cohesive style and sound, with stand-out singles "Lemon Balm" and "Outtasight." The album download will be available June 9 and the vinyl record will be available for purchase at the album release show and on tour.

Indicator, Siberian Traps' third full-length LP, is the band's first release written and recorded with multi-instrumentalist Ben Hance in the lineup. In contrast to the more painstaking ethic of the band's previous releases, the songs on Indicator arrived as a result of a more relaxed, organic process that allowed Traps to write and record the album within the scope of about nine months. The idea was to work quickly, without overthinking, and to capture the moment of a band in transition, with a new member adding significant contributions to the overall timbre and feel of the music. This freedom, and the newfound inspiration that spurred it, lend the songs a fluid sense of movement that makes Indicator the most cohesive song cycle of the band's output, moving away from the punchy jangle-pop of their previous release, Stray Dogs. The songs themselves focus largely on two ideas: our relationship to the land and our relationship to time. As Siberian Traps' first release on vinyl, the record can ideally be played with either side as Side A, reflecting the cyclical nature of the album and the ebb and flow of the conscious and unconscious experiences it catalogs.

Photo by Walt Burns

"Siberian Traps live up to the hype by providing timeless tunes that you can rock out to with friends, possibly even your parents, or just by yourself as Stray Dogs is the perfect road trip audio companion to cater to that wanderlust thirst from deep within." -Impose Magazine

"Like an Ennio Morricone soundtrack played by R.E.M., produced by Neil Young, in praise of the universe: a whole new genre I’d call Spirit Rock."

More about Siberian Traps:

Siberian Traps is a four-piece band from Fort Worth, Texas consisting of Seth Reeves (guitar, vocals), Peter Wierenga (drums), Mike Best (bass), and Ben Hance (guitar, keys, vocals). Originally forming in Nashville, Tennessee in 2009 after Reeves met Wierenga at a house show, the band relocated to Fort Worth, Reeves' hometown, in 2012. Drawing on influences such as early R.E.M., The Beach Boys, and Neil Young, the band's sound inhabits a space where 60's harmonic pop merges with 80's post-punk energy, where jangly guitars and layered vocal hooks move hypnotically atop a kinetic rhythm section.

In 2011, the band released A Strange Loop EP, produced by Wierenga and recorded in Nashville. Siberian Trap's first full-length album, Blackfoot, followed in 2013, which was also recorded in Nashville but released after the band had relocated to Fort Worth. Following a year-long hiatus and some line-up changes, Traps began playing live and writing new material in 2014 and the recording of their third album began in the Spring of 2015. The band released its last full-length album, Stray Dogs, in June 2016.

The new record Indicator was recorded at Cloudland Studios and mastered by Jordan Richardson.

Track Listing:

1. The River Report

2. Lemon Balm

3. Wait is Gone

4. Balmorhea

5. Borrowed Voice

6. Skyline Drive

7. Outtasight

8. Weather Report

9. Indicator






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