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Siberian Traps

Siberian Traps is a four-piece band from Fort Worth, Texas consisting of Seth Reeves (guitar, vocals), Peter Wierenga (drums), Mike Best (bass), and Ben Hance (guitar, keys, vocals). Originally forming in Nashville, Tennessee in 2009 after Reeves met Wierenga at a house show, the band relocated to Fort Worth, Reeves' hometown, in 2012. Drawing on influences such as early R.E.M., The Beach Boys, and Neil Young, the band's sound inhabits a space where 60's harmonic pop merges with 80's post-punk energy, where jangly guitars and layered vocal hooks move hypnotically atop a kinetic rhythm section.


In 2011, the band released A Strange Loop EP, produced by Wierenga and recorded in Nashville. Siberian Trap's first full-length album, Blackfoot, followed in 2013, which was also recorded in Nashville but released after the band had relocated to Fort Worth. Following a year-long hiatus and some line-up changes, Traps began playing live and writing new material in 2014 and the recording of their third album began in the Spring of 2015. The band released its last full-length album, Stray Dogs, in June 2016.

The band's third full length album Indicator comes out June 2017.


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