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Adult Sex Ed

with Dani Faith Leonard

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America’s failure to provide accurate sex education in schools is comedy’s gain.


Hosted by Dani Faith Leonard, ADULT SEX ED combines personal storytelling from a diverse roster of guests, scripted sketches, and exploratory deep dives on sexual topics in a hilarious, spicy, and inclusive setting. Every storytelling segment concludes with an easily achievable and practical takeaway for the audience. The goal for these action items: to encourage our viewers to engage in immediate, healthy, and awesome sex. Okay, not totally immediate - we’ll ask them to Uber home first.

About Dani Faith Leonard:

Dani Faith Leonard is a NY-based comedian, writer, and producer. Dani created and hosts the live show ADULT SEX ED where she plugs the holes of your education when it comes to sexual health and history (through comedy). As a writer, her stories often focus on women on the bravest day of their lives.


Dani is also the co-founder of inclusion-focused incubator Big Vision Empty Wallet and production company Big Vision Creative. Along with Bobby Farrelly, Dani Executive Produced Jenna Laurenzo’s debut feature film LEZ BOMB starring Bruce Dern, Cloris Leachman, Kevin Pollack and Steve Guttenberg, which was released theatrically by Gravitas in Fall 2018 and is available on Netflix and iTunes. She also served as an EP on feature film THE LIGHT OF THE MOON, which won the Audience award at SXSW 2017 and garnered a 22 city theatrical release and a digital release on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu and Google Play.  Other recent films include COAST (Producer, post-production), POWER OF PEARL (Producer, RED WHITE & WASTED (Co-Producer, Tribeca 2019 Premiere).


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