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Young Southpaw

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Character recording artist Young Southpaw is writer, comedian, and musician Aug Stone’s comedy alter-ego. The comedic single “Humpty Dumpty In HD” came about from Young Southpaw’s confusion surrounding the eponymous nursery rhyme which claims that the king’s entourage somehow included an egg in its ranks! This sent the Southpaw onto an incredibly detailed and tangential dive considering Humpty Dumpty from every possible angle (and some that aren’t). The result is “Humpty Dumpty in HD” which touches on Digital Underground, John Cleese’s role in the 1960’s Avengers television series, Echo & The Bunnymen, Rodney Dangerfield’s Back To School, Casablanca, Minor Threat, and a whole lot more. Southpaw’s meandering rumination is all set to a funky, vibey, new-wave disco beat.


On “Humpty Dumpty In HD”, Young Southpaw is like Mitch Hedberg fronting Daft Punk, with a dusting of Eugene Mirman posing as a professor of pop culture rolled into this unique comedy spliff. To illustrate: Southpaw considers the suspicion that if people were there to see Humpty fall off the wall, they could have tried to save him. So perhaps Humpty jumped, and of course ‘Jump’ leads Southpaw to Van Halen. But ‘fall’ maybe meant ‘autumn’, thus Humpty had a great end-of-the-year season, which makes Southpaw proclaim “He had got all dressed up for Halloween as if it were Easter all over again” a la painted Easter eggs. Of course John Cleese appeared in The Avengers helping clowns to register their make-up by painting it onto eggs. But maybe his name was actually ‘Humphrey’ instead of ‘Humpty’, and Casablanca means ‘white house’...and eggs are white. It’s very Southpaw to misinterpret the plot of one of the greatest movies of all-time as being a film about the place where clowns go to register their make-up.


“Humpty Dumpty in HD” features an all-star cast from the indie-rock world: Bobby Barry from The Pipettes recorded the music at his London home in 2019. Stone tracked the vocals for this wild tale in New Haven, CT at Sans Serif Recording in January 2020. Luckily engineer Sam Carlson had seen Young Southpaw live and knew what to expect. Chris Ewen from The Magnetic Fields and Future Bible Heroes mixed the track. 


The video was inspired by Michelle Mylett from Letterkeny’s TikTok video where she lip syncs to Triple J. Stone asked his friend Jo Bevan from London-based band Desperate Journalist to dance because “she has a great sense of humor and is always up for interesting projects like this”.


The “Humpty Dumpty In HD” comedic single and video from Young Southpaw will be widely available everywhere music and video are streamed, except Spotify.


“Humpty Dumpty In HD” personnel:

Words: Young Southpaw

Music: Bobby Barry

Vocal Recording: Sam Carlson

Mixing: Chris Ewen

Dancing: Jo Bevan



Aug Stone is a writer, comedian, and musician. Stone is the author of the memoir Nick Cave’s Bar (2021) and comedy novel Off-License To Kill (2014). As a journalist his work has appeared in outlets such as The Quietus, The Comics Journal, Under The Radar, and many others both in print and online. Aug ‘blends the arts with the absurd’ on his interview show Etcetera ETC With Aug Stone. Aug also performs comedy as Young Southpaw, bringing his surreal stories to the world on stages throughout the United States and Europe, and also via The Young Southpaw Part Of An Hour podcast.

Twitter: @augstone @youngsouthpawaf

IG: @augxstone @youngsouthpawetc




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