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The Young & The Weary

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THE YOUNG & THE WEARY is a New York City based life and comedy mashup podcast hosted by Jeremy Pinsly, a 32-year old stand-up comedian from Nashville and Dolores “Dev” Rogers, an 88-year old comedic actress from Buffalo. They are launching their first three episodes on Apple, Spotify, iTunes and on on Jan 9, 2019.  


As Dev and Jeremy pursue careers in comedy, their age gap brings a unique perspective with conversations that are sometimes painful, frequently embarrassing but equally hilarious. They often end up educating each other, as they celebrate life and comedy.  

In the first episode, the pair discuss their personal comedy roots. After a breast cancer diagnosis, Dev gave herself permission to live unabashed - she took a comedy class on a whim and discovered a passion and talent.  Dev poking fun at being an octogenarian says, “What else is there to do when you’re my age, except be funny?” Post college, Jeremy landed a dream job as an exec at a well-known sports marketing company in Dallas, but came to realize he didn’t love it and that life was too short. He quit to go to NYC to pursue stand-up comedy.


Sex, relationships and dating are the core topics in the second episode. While talking about how he lost his virginity, Jeremy remarks, “I got arrested that night and it was only my first week of college.” Dev unexpectedly chimes in about how she lost hers. In the third episode, Jeremy and Dev discuss the use of crude language in stand-up comedy, bombing on stage and forgetfulness that comes with age.  The shows often end with Jeremy encouraging Dev to explore something that she hasn’t necessarily done before, such as reading a comedic book turned into a movie, attending an open mic or writing in a journal.


The show’s formatted segments include, “What’s on Your Mind,” “Comedy Mash-up” and “Homework Assignment.” The show will evolve to include well-known guests from the comedy and entertainment world.


Abby Finer of Finer Entertainment Company manages Jeremy Pinsly and co-manages Dev Rogers (along with Jodi Collins of JLC Management) and is responsible for putting the two together.  “Jeremy had been looking for a comedic podcast partner and Dev asked me how she could possibly participate in the annual Just For Laughs (Montreal Comedy Festival). The idea of putting them together popped right into my head when I recalled that the festival had recently added live podcast events that were attended by hard core fans,” says Finer.


The show is produced in Dev’s apartment every weekend with a brunch party atmosphere. Dev’s 87 year old husband Bruce Rogers, a former professional cellist, provides music along with Jeremy.  Jeremy Pinsly and Abby Finer executive produce. Jodi Collins (JLC Management) produces along with writer/producers Margaret “Maggie” Champagne, Maximilian Clark and Sunghi Yoo.

Instagram: @theyoungandtheweary



Jeremy Pinsly is a stand-up comic originally from Nashville and now based in NYC. Jeremy has sold out venues in Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, Nashville and Second City in Chicago.  Jeremy performs at clubs and bars around the city, including New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club and Greenwich Village. He’s also a UCB trained improviser, writer and actor. In addition, Jeremy produces his own stand-up show called STAND UP & SAVE THE WORLD with JEREMY PINSLY at the New York Comedy Club, where proceeds go to a different charity each month. For more, go to or follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @JerBearPinsly.



Dev Rogers is an 88 year old feisty lady and an inspiration to everyone lucky enough to meet her. A graduate of Vassar College and a former occupational therapist until the age of 80, Dev's been taking acting classes for several years and feels blessed to go on auditions and have a sense of purpose.  Dev appears in the short film, PRETTY MATCHES released in October 2018, as well as in Comedy Central’s BROAD CITY, airing in 2019. She lives in Manhattan with her husband Bruce, a retired musician and is the mother of two adult children. Dev’s book of haikus entitled, THE DEAD CANNOT READ is available on Amazon. Twitter: @devrogers2


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