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Yelling About Pate Podcast

Joel Miller, a comedy-loving chef, and Karl Hess, a food-obsessed comedian, interview fellow chefs and comics and hold forth on the critical culinary and comedic issues of the day. it's back of house meets back of the room. New episodes every Thursday.

Recommended episodes:


Guerilla Unit with Wes Avila (Guerrilla Taco Truck)


Steamed Hamming It Up w/Nick Wiger (Doughboys podcast)


#brisketboyz with Burt Bakman (Trudy's Underground Barbecue)


Praise for Yelling About Pate:


"There is no shortage of great food podcasts to listen to, but you probably can't name many (if any) that blend comedy with the cuisine talk. So say hello to Yelling About Pâté, your new favorite show, in which comedian Karl Hess and comedy-loving chef Joel Miller talk about all things food, from making it to eating it." - Rolling Stone


"...the two poke fun at Angelenos’ dining culture, Miller’s tattoos, the hardships chefs and comedians face alike, and even stir some controversy with pointed views about other comedians." - Food Republic


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