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Shark Party Media and its publicists and PR representatives offer the media -- including journalists, writers, editors, broadcast media, podcasters and influencers -- access to their clients for potential interview. We aim to supply intriguing content to fill your broadcast hours, your pages and screen space with quality, exciting narratives and entertaining content. This helps our clients to project their positive messages into the realm of journalistic discourse, and it helps you, our friends in the media with fresh ideas for coverage, to utilize these quality narratives and content. We don't buy ads, and are not on the marketing end of things, but solidly in the media relations field. More information about the kinds of narratives and projects that make up the personality of our company can be found in our CLIENTS tab. 

We need to make it clear that the role our clients have asked us to perform includes liaising between them and the media- for simple reasons like streamlining their schedule, and so that they don't miss any potential opportunities. If they see us reaching out, they know it is for your potential media opp. They could lose a request in their busy inbox, or miss a connection details email if we are not in place to keep an eye on such things. It's a way to help the coverage run for the media and client alike. 

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