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The 2016 Presidential campaign just got even crazier. In this unprecedented comedy, a camera crew follows two "undecided" voters along the actual campaign trail, and no Presidential candidate - on either side of the aisle - is spared. But when the producers of their show conspire to drive the undecideds apart, they have to band together or risk becoming pawns in a sinister plot that could change the course of the election. Using actual footage from real-world interactions with all the major Presidential candidates - including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush (and many more!) - "Undecided" gives the 2016 election the unforgettable comedy it so richly deserves.

Undecided is available for streaming on Netflix and iTunes and the lead actors are available for interview and appearance.

All inquiries to: Kathryn Musilek: km@ sharkpartymedia dot com



The Good Liars are the guerrilla comedy duo of Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler from New York City, and co-stars of "Undecided".


Jason and Davram lie their way into some of America’s most passionate debates to expose just how absurd the arguments can be.  It’s one part Yes Men, and one part Borat, mixed with Jason and Davram’s unique, politically twisted humor.  Whether it’s posing as PR for a multi-billion dollar corporation, a conservative news organization for kids or gun nuts in Florida; The Good Liars can lie their way into any issue.


The duo came together in the fall of 2011 when they posed as investment bankers protesting the Occupy Wall Street movement. Together, they formed the 1%’s own counter protest: Occupy Occupy Wall Street. What started as one video quickly turned into an actual movement. Posing as bankers, the duo were featured by CNN, MSNBC. Telemundo, The Washington Post andInternational Business Times, among other media outlets, giving an outrageously blunt and honest voice to the silent 1%.  A few months later, The Liars created The Chick-fil-A Foundation, for which the duo posed as closeted Southerners working for Chick-fil-A to rid the world of homosexuality.  The Foundation appeared on an unsuspecting Christian talk show and created a coupon offering patrons the opportunity to “trade their homosexuality for a free chicken sandwich.”  Jason and Davram successfully used the coupon themselves at an actual Chick-fil-A restaurant!  Others targets have included; Scientology, Coca-Cola, The Republican National Convention, The National Organization for Marriage, Time Warner Cable, Florida Pastor Terry Jones, The NRA, Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, “Birther Queen” Orly Taitz, and creationist Representative Paul Broun of Georgia.

Jason Selvig has appeared in the films Summer of Blood, Come Down Molly, Northeast, Catfight, and Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me among others.  Additionally, he was a founding member of the sketch group North Palm Wrestling who appeared on MTV and MTV2.


Davram Stiefler has been embedded in the UCB Theater for many years and currently performs on the house team, One Idiot.  He has appeared in film and television including ABC’s The Family, HULU’s Difficult People, MTV’s I Just Want My Pants Back, and Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.


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