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Todd Graham

Todd Graham - Bustin' Loose cover.jpg

Todd Graham's debut comedy album, Bustin' Loose! will be released on Comedy Records on July 19, 2019. Presale is available on July 12. To celebrate the release, Todd will be performing at record stores in the Greater Toronto Area on July 20th.


Todd Graham (Idiot Gallant) is a late-comer to the comedy scene. While most stand-up comedians get started in their 20s, Todd didn't launch his comedy career until he was already in his 40’s. Todd's signature “red herring rope-a-dope style” showcased on his debut album, Bustin' Loose! is reflective of this fact.


Bustin' Loose! was recorded over two and a half sold-out shows at Toronto's Comedy Bar in September 2018 (too bad you weren’t there)


Todd has performed at some impressive clubs* and festivals** over the years. He’s opened for several pretty famous comedians*** and has even been on the radio**** & television*****  a few times. Still we think it would be for the best if you all come see him in person and then maybe let things progress naturally from there.

*Hollywood Improv Main Stage

**JFL, JFL42, Winnipeg Comedy Festival

***Todd Barry, Aparna Nancherla, Dana Gould, Greg Proops

****CBC Radio LOL, The Debaters, Sirius XM Canada Laughs

*****JFL All Access, Winnipeg Comedy Festival


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