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The Moonless Nights

The Moonless Nights EP cover.png

The Moonless Nights is a duet dreamscape-of-a musical collaboration between Adam Arcuragi and Jesse Epstein, recorded at the Moon Recording Company studio in Silver Lake, Los Angeles early 2020, before the quar. Both notable songwriters of their own respective accord and renown, Arcuragi and Epstein came together to write upon a suggestion from a mutual friend after Arcuragi had been ruminating on his admiration of the Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions album, Bavarian Fruit Bread. In the dining room at Musso & Frank, pointing out which table was Charlie Chaplin’s, their mutual friend insisted that the two sit down together to see what they might dream up. Sometimes it just comes together, and The Moonless Nights just came together, with mutual admiration for similar influences, and strengths in songwriting and melody from their years of writing individually, the EP happened quickly and with ease, so they’re setting it on a course to be released and available, wherever music is streamed or sold on August 7, 2020.


About Adam Arcuragi:

Adam Arcuragi is a prolific composer, writer and performer who has been involved in myriad facets of the music industry for the past 12 years. He began his career writing albums and touring with his self-titled band close to a decade. They toured both nationally and internationally, playing hundreds of shows and festivals with praise from media outlets such as NPR, Paste, and American Songwriter, and they accidentally invented the musical genreDeath Gospel along the way.

More recently, Adam has played and worked with legendary greats such as Ringo Starr and Eric Burdon (of The Animals).  He has also co-written several songs with renowned songwriter and girl-group maven Jeff Barry, as well as modern celebrated writer/musicians such as Dave Hartley (The War on Drugs / Nightlands), Nick Perri (Dee Snyder, Mount Holly), Jasmine Ash and others.

Since moving to LA in 2013, Adam's musical interests expanded into production, songwriting and original music for Film and TV. He has produced albums for HOLLOWS, SPURS, Painted Pale and Katt, and co-written a large list of songs for other artists. Arcuragi has also written multiple songs for critically acclaimed shows such as SEARCH PARTY, THE PATH and THE VOICE. He scored the film MEN DON'T WHISPER which premiered at Sundance 2018. His original song “Anything” was sung on screen by Josh Hartnet in the film Inherit the Viper. Adam Arcuragi currently splits his time between Santa Fe and Los Angeles with his wife and two small children. 


About Jesse Epstein: 

Jesse Epstein is a singer and songwriter who has performed and written under the name Imaginary Future. In March 2015, he released his sophomore album Sunlight to critical acclaim after being inspired by his marriage to wife and frequent collaborator Kina Grannis.


He had previously met his future-wife Kina Grannis in high school. They began collaborating

following their graduation. He released his debut album Fire Escape in March 2013. He was featured in his wife's music video for her song "My Dear," which commemorated their wedding anniversary.

He featured his wife Kina on the first song on his Sunlight album, called "Forever On Your Side. Most recently Imaginary Future released a song called “When The Smoke Clears” with Kina Grannis.

The Moonless Nights EP

Album art by Hannah Stone


1- Know Better

2- All I Had

3- By the Lake

4- So Sad

The Moonless N


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