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Sour Peach Films

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Sour Peach Films is headed by Chelsea Moore & Erica Rose. Taking pride in being queer and femme, Sour Peach focuses on stories about female sexuality, portraits of individuals who are often forgotten or overlooked in mainstream media, and exploring identity within new contexts. Sour Peach Films/ mission is to not only be diverse in front of the camera but to actively employ racial, gender and sexual orientation diversity behind the camera. Sour Peach Films are proudly committed to this.


A Night at Switch n’ Play is a celebration of the queer experience. The film profiles the award winning Brooklyn performance collective Switch n' Play, a group that redefines gender performance by blurring the line between drag and burlesque to create a subversive, reflective, and strikingly queer show. The goal with this documentary is to advance the crucial work of the collective beyond their small stage in Brooklyn, and to promote their particular spirit of community to those who cannot or haven't yet made it out for a show.

A Night at Switch n' Play will premiere at Inside Out in Toronto on June 1st, 2019.


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