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Sofiya Alexandra

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Sofiya Alexandra is releasing her debut comedy album, Father's Day, on you guessed it - Father's Day, June 21st. As a woman without a dad, she figured there's no better time. In addition to being dadless, Sofiya is a Jewish, Russian immigrant who beat breast cancer, all of which she jokes about on the album. In Sofiya's own words,


"The album is a fun introduction to who I am - it covers me being dadless, Jewish, a Russian immigrant, a feminist, a hip hip fan, plus some fun social commentary on the world we live in now through the eyes of a Russian immigrant. I’d describe my sense of humor as a particular brand of goofy and savage."


Sofiya was born in Odessa, Ukraine, and moved with her single mom to LA as an immigrant refugee when she was 11 years old. Three years ago, Sofiya was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The one thing that kept her going through diagnosis, surgery, chemo, radiation and recovery was standup. You might have seen Sofiya on Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening talking about her grandpa’s dick surgery while using some colorful Russian. It was during these times that she made a promise to herself to record an album as soon as she could. Father's Day was recorded at Sofiya's favorite comedy club The Comedy Attic in Bloomington, Indiana on November 22, 2019.


Father's Day will be available everywhere comedy albums are streamed or sold on June 21st, 2020. It will be available for preorder June 7th.


In conjunction with her album, Sofiya is releasing three projects:



This Dad Hotline will help people with no dads fill that dad hole in their heart. Call 855-DAD-4-YOU to hear: Dad telling you he's proud of you, Dad accepting your sexuality, Dad yelling at you for wrecking the car, Dad disapproving of who you're dating, and 6 more valuable Dad services. With Dad, of course, being Sofiya.



Sad Dad Cards is a book full of tearaway postcards. Written by Sofiya Alexandra (no dad) and illustrated by Nick Ross (one dad).



Because trauma deserves bling.



Sofiya is a writer and comedian who grew up in Odessa, Ukraine, and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 11. You might have seen her on Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening talking about her grandpa’s dick surgery while using some colorful Russian. Sofiya’s written on Amazon’s Danger & Eggs, an Emmy-winning animated series starring SNL’s Aidy Bryant. She’s been featured as a standup at Limestone, Laughing Skull, Women in Comedy, Out of Bounds, and many other comedy festivals. She tours all over the US performing standup and has opened for Beth Stelling, Emily Heller, and Nicole Byer. Her first album Father’s Day comes out this spring.


Sofiya was named one of The Fifty Funniest Women on Twitter by Playboy and one of 18 Funny Women You Should Be Following by Huffington Post. Her tweets regularly appear on Mandatory, Buzzfeed, Splitsider, Funny or Die, and HuffPo. Her mystery-lineup comedy variety show SURPRISE! was featured in LAist, LA Weekly, The Los Angeles Review of Books, OneThingLA, and WeLikeLA.


She currently co-hosts two podcasts – 420 Day Fiance, a half-gameshow/ half-recap of the show 90 Day Fiance for iHeart Radio (featured in Vulture), and Private Parts Unknown, a comedy-travel podcast that uncovers stories about love and sexuality around the world (most recently in Business Insider). Sofiya's advice on sex and travel has been in SHAPE, Rolling Stone, Men’s Health, The Strategist, and anywhere men need help fingering.


AND she beat breast cancer, but if cancer is listening, THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE.


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