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Shalewa Sharpe

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Shalewa Sharpe tells jokes. She developed her sly yet goofy style in Atlanta, where she was raised. Currently in Brooklyn, New York, she has recently appeared on Comedy Central's The New NegroesHBO's 2 Dope Queens, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

She co-produces and hosts a number of shows, including "Laying it Down" with Carolyn Castiglia and “Thug Passion Presents,” a lively table read and celebration of classic Black movies. In May 2016, her debut album, “Stay Eating Cookies,” was released on Rotknee Presents Records, and her second album, "So You Just Out Here?" will be released on August 19th, 2019 with Little Lamb Recordings. She tells jokes on Twitter (@silkyjumbo) and posts self portraits of varying success on Instagram (@silkyjumbo).


'So You Just Out Here?' is New York comedian Shalewa Sharpe's second full-length album, out August 19th on Little Lamb Recordings. When Shalewa was a young adult video store employee in Atlanta, “So, you just out here?” was something an old woman said to her as she observed her pick up some late-night pizza and ice cream at a convenience store. It's served as a personal mantra of sorts ever since. The answer? She's older, she's well aware of consequences, and her knee hurts for some reason. Shalewa is moving through these dark days with the rest of us, and her warm, teasing sense of humor, which takes aim at both herself and her surroundings, is an uplifting antidote to the realities of America in 2019. 'So You Just Out Here?' brings us along on Shalewa's journey through the world, which is equal parts exasperated side-eye and genuine affection for herself and her loved ones. Shalewa Sharpe is just out here, and we're all the more blessed for it.


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