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Sam Evans

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Sam Evans is indeed a sweet baby boy, and his debut album Sweet Baby Boy, out May 29 on Blonde Medicine is very very funny. Evans is a well-loved staple in the New York and Cincinnati stand-up scenes who has been performing for a decade. Asked why now was the time to release his debut comedy album, Sam replies:


"(I) really felt good about the body of material I was touring with. I think sometimes you can fall out of love with a joke if you've been telling it for a while, and I just wanted to record while the material still felt new and exciting to me. I like stand-up records that really recreate the feeling you get when you're at the performance, and I think we succeeded in doing that."

Indeed he has. Sweet Baby Boy was recorded in October 2019 in front of an enthusiastic audience at Go Bananas in Cincinnati. Now more than ever hearing excellent comedy captured live sure hits the spot. On Sweet Baby Boy, Sam lampoons modern relationships, family, jobs, bad tattoos, and always comes back around to dogs. Sam loves dogs. What a sweet baby boy!


Sweet Baby Boy will be released on May 29. It is available for pre-order here:

Live streaming shows are in the works, details TBA.


01. Standing O
02. Dog in a Coat
03. Nobody’s Voting for Your Dog
04. My Girlfriend’s Sexual Goals
05. It’s Up ‘Dere
06. I’m Not Easy to Sleep Next To
07. My Older Religious Brother
08. Late is Late
09. Two Truths and a Lie
10. Loving My Body
11. She’s Fine
12. Math Interlude
13. A Joke About Honey
14. Cartoons You Love
15. These Are for My Bears
16. Fast Food Fights
17. This Joke is About Death
18. Aunt Dena


Sam Evans is a comic originally from Cincinnati, OH. After relocating to New York, he was selected as one of the New Faces of the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in 2014. He has been featured on the Audible comedy podcast "Sounds Like America" and SiriusXM. He likes cats but not as much as dogs, and he would like you to teach him how to rollerblade


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