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Ruined with Alison Leiby and Halle Kiefer

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Ruined is a weekly movie podcast in which horror aficionado Halle Kiefer unpacks a different spooky film for her squeamish friend and co-host, Alison Leiby, who can’t stomach watching horror herself, but is dying to know the twists. Every week the hosts “ruin” a horror movie, from slashers to home invasions, creature features to the supernatural, they cover it all! Horror fans, scaredy cats, and film buffs are all welcome. Listen to new episodes of Ruined every Tuesday.

About Halle Kiefer: 
Halle Kiefer is a writer out of Northeast Ohio, by way of New York, currently living in L.A. After writing everywhere from MTV to truTV, Nickelodeon to Vulture, she’s currently the Senior Comedy & Entertainment Writer at Crooked Media.
About Alison Leiby:

Alison Leiby is a NY-based comedian and writer, who, most recently, was a producer on season 2 of Hulu’s LIFE & BETH. Prior to that, Alison wrote for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The President Show, The Opposition, Triumph’s Election Special 2016, and other TV shows. Her one woman show OH GOD, A SHOW ABOUT ABORTION is currently on tour after a 12 week run at the Cherry Lane Theatre, which Jason Zinoman of the NY TIMES called it, “the best political comedy of 2021.”


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