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Rob Haze

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Blonde Medicine is excited to announce the upcoming sophomore comedy album from Rob Haze, Frontin’, due out March 2nd, available everywhere comedy is streamed and sold. 


“The album is about dealing with bullying and feeling like you have to change yourself for the crowd,” says Rob Haze. “I talk about being an outcast, but also understanding why I would stand out.”


The album will be released 15 years after the start of his comedy career on what Rob Haze calls “the 31st day of Black History Month”, March 2nd. His intentionally unhurried style aids in keeping his latest comedy release, Frontin’, laid-back while he discusses being bullied, feeling alienated, and finding self-confidence. 


On February 2nd, the album’s pre-order will be available and the video special will drop on Rob’s YouTube channel. The audio album will be available in full  everywhere comedy is streamed or sold on Saturday, March 2nd.


About Rob Haze:​

Rob Haze is a Los Angeles-based comedian, podcaster, and actor from Atlanta, Georgia. He is a writer and performer on Sherman’s Showcase on IFC. He was on the sketch show Sneak This on B/R Kicks. Rob released his debut comedy album Haze-o-pedia in 2019. His standup has been featured on The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, Comedy Central, and Vice. Rob has a podcast called The Inconsistent Podcast with Rob Haze available everywhere.


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