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Rob Haze

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On August 18th, 2019, Blonde Medicine is releasing Rob Haze's debut comedy album, Haze-O-Pedia out in all digital stores and streaming platforms and available as a download card in a 12" jacket sleeve. This album brings Rob's slow and intentional style to stage and showcases why he's been tapped to write on such esteemed awards shows as The ESPYs. Marking his 10th year in comedy, Haze wanted a body of work to timestamp what he was doing during his first decade in stand-up. He sees a debut album as a sort of mission statement, laying out who a comedian is and how they see the world and Haze-O-Pedia does just that. Recorded at The Set Up in San Fransisco. Said Haze, "San Fran is a magical place. I hadn't performed in the Bay in 7 years and I figured a place foreign to me would be perfect conditions for an album."


His uniquely laid-back stage presence and self-deprecating jokes are a reflection of what he describes in his act as growing up "well-rounded but well-bullied". A collection of Rob's thoughts, Haze-O-Pedia covers all of the important subjects such as race relations, canceling gluten, being the left-out friend, and Wikipedia begging for money, from which the album derives its name.


The album was recorded with Dominic Del Bene and comes out on his comedy label, Blonde Medicine. Said Haze, "Dominic is incredible! He is game for whatever the artist wants to do. I have a pretty unique idea I want to do, and he loved it! I'm selling my download cards in 12" jacket sleeves. I know CRAZY! It serves all your millennial needs."


With so much momentum behind him, Rob's first album is long-awaited by fans. He has gained recognition from performing stand-up on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon as well as Adam Devine's House Party (Comedy Central), Last Comic Standing (NBC) and Flophouse(Vice). In 2015, Rob was selected as a New Face at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival and went on to win The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. He also co-hosts the ultra successful Kanye West podcast The Book of Ye, and performed the podcast live at the Chicago Podcast Festival. He's also written for and will appear on the new IFC show Sherman's Showcase where he will be portraying Morris Day in a recurring role.


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