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OUT TODAY: LIZ BARRETT debut comedy LP GETTIN' BY (Pinch Records) available everywhere




Advance album stream available by request


OUT TODAY: Pinch Records is pleased to announce the release of Gettin’ By, the debut full-length comedy album from NYC-based fan-favorite Liz Barrett, who’s work was hailed by Time Out New York as a "signature brand of dark, batty stand-up." Following an exclusive premiere on Sirius as part of the "She's So Funny" channel pop-up, Gettin' By is available today everywhere comedy and music is streamed.


Born in New Jersey, Liz was raised in a household with a career military father so she moved all around until settling in NYC 20 years ago. She started comedy over a decade ago when, during a painful period where she was fired while also battling infertility, family and friends suggested she take a comedy class. Liz followed their advice, promptly fell in love with stand-up, and the rest is history. Barrett is also a lawyer who works part-time as a hearing officer/judge for NYC where she “hears complaints against taxi drivers”. In her comedy, she trains this experience and healthy skepticism on the world outside the courtroom with hilarious results!


In a world that demands   healthy salads, hummus at parties, and motivational life brands, Liz Barrett is "Gettin' By." With a unique look at everyday life, Liz Barrett puts a positively cynical and hilarious spin on topics such as, Reality TV, newlyweds, being an "o.k" housewife, and even weird strip clubs. Finding humor by celebrating a world of being average, this comedy album is anything but. Liz's dry delivery and dark sense of humor provides the perfect soundtrack to anyone just "gettin by" in this thing called life. 



1. Intro

2. Giving Up

3. Handful of Nuts

4. Fat Doctor

5. Salad…So Much Chewing

6. Chickpea Chili

7. Hummus at a Party

8. Sober Joe

9. ‘What They Don’t Tell You About Marriage

10. Newlyweds Are Cute

11. Marriage Is Everyday

12. Husbands and Reality T.V.

13. Lazy Cleaning

14. Annual Casserole

15. Sports Bra and Knee Brace

16. Weird Strip Clubs

17. Holidays With the In-Laws

18. Bras Are Coming Off

19. Women You Don’t Want to Meet

20. Vodka Snacks

21. Gettin’ By

22. White Van




Liz Barrett is a New-York based stand-up comedian and writer, who was raised all around the world with her military family. Liz is deadpan, dry, engaging, and offers shrewd observations about life and womanhood.  You’ll remember her one-liners long after you see her. Time Out New York called her comedy a "signature brand of dark, batty stand-up." Liz has appeared on Gotham Comedy Live, Laughs on FOX, Lifetime, Funny or Die and New York Post Videos

She was a finalist at Laughing Skull Comedy Festival and The She-Devil Comedy Festival and a semi-finalist at Boston Comedy Festival. She has appeared at numerous comedy festivals including Limestone Comedy Festival, Women in Comedy Festival, Red Clay Comedy Festival, Rogue Island Comedy Festival, and Ladies of Laughter.

Liz can be seen performing at comedy clubs all over the country.


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