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OUT TODAY: Emily Van Dyke's Debut Comedy Album "Feeling Myself" - Paste track premiere



Emily Van Dyke’s Debut Comedy Album on Blonde Medicine






Emily Van Dyke’s debut comedy album, Feeling Myself is a journey through Emily’s favorite jokes from her first 10 years in comedy. The album covers everything from dorks to dental hygienists, from being haunted to forced sobriety, and the beautiful slog of marriage and shivering c-sections. Listening to the album feels like catching up with a childhood friend who says way too much. Feeling Myself is out TODAY, February 9th on Blonde Medicine wherever you get your comedy audio.


This is Emily Van Dyke’s first comedy album, so as she describes it, "it's a zoom-out of meaningful moments from my life and some dumb stuff too." The hour touches on being a Midwesterner in San Francisco, teaching high school, her first years of dating in her 20s, navigating immigration with a Cuban fiance, being pregnant, and all the random stuff that has annoyed her along the way, including at least one comment on COVID. “It wouldn’t be the 2020s if we didn’t bring up the pandemic at least once,” says Van Dyke.


Born and raised in Logansport, Indiana, a town with one high school and a basketball hoop in every driveway, Emily Van Dyke has made a 15-years-and-counting home of the Bay Area. She started stand-up in 2011 after being laid off from her job as an art teacher. Says Van Dyke, “the lady at the unemployment office told me to take a class and that I should use the time off to explore myself and learn something new. So I did. I took a couple months of SF Comedy College classes, and bombed in the privacy of a 3rd floor conference room.”


Van Dyke describes her writing process as “pretty old-timey,” writing ideas in a purse notebook, taking notes when she makes a friend laugh, recording voice memos while driving and scribbling set lists on paper plates and napkins. This album was put together on a stack of notecards tied up in a hair tie.


Feeling Myself is out now on Blonde Medicine, and available to stream and buy wherever you hear comedy as of February 9, 2024.


Emily Van Dyke, Feeling Myself  TRACK LISTING

1. Feeling Good

2. Ms. V.D.

3. Support My Lumbar

4. Missing Masculinity

5. Little Big Spoons in San Francisco

6. Broken Toilet Seat

7. I Liked Masks

8. Triggered by the Little Things

9. The Full Leg

10. 90 Day Fiancé Visa

11. Hot Husband

12. Ate All the Salsa

13. Stuck at the Entrance

14. Más Jugo Por Favor

15. Haunted from the Inside

16. No Medical Experience

17. Peaked at 17

18. EKG Technician

19. Shut the Doors (Epilogue)



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