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Out April 24th: Andrew Mayer's Comedy Album




*Advance album streams available by request*

On April 24th, Boston-based comedian Andrew Mayer will release his sophomore stand-up comedy album, Having a Nice Time, via record label Blonde Medicine. The album was recorded in January of 2020 at The Comedy Studio in Somerville, Massachusetts, right outside of Boston where Andrew has become a mainstay of the comedy scene. Andrew finds joy in the subtle strangeness of the everyday and Having a Nice Time is a reflection of those musings. He serves up sharp and whimsical jokes on ordinary things like dealing with household pets, growing older (but not necessarily maturing), and planning a wedding full of absurdities. In 2015, Andrew released his debut album, NonsenseThe Boston Globe called it "a hilarious and endearing walk through his anxiety and oddball logic". On Having a Nice Time, Andrew wanted to be more introspective than before and tackle more personal topics, like love, his social anxieties, and past regrets. Even so, he stays silly and positive, illustrating his imaginative sense of humor and quirky delivery. Andrew's interest in comedy was first ignited by his father when Andrew was only ten years old. During a month-long hospital stay due to a broken femur, Andrew's dad gave him stand-up comedy tapes as a way to help drown out the noise of the hospital when he was trying to fall asleep. The routine stuck. Even after he was released, Andrew continued listening to comedy when he went to bed for years and years. He grew to be a huge fan of stand-up in high school, and by his first year of college, he was writing his own bits. When his dad found out he was writing, he signed both of them up for a summer stand-up course at the nearby college. The final of the class was Andrew's first show. From then on, he started writing more seriously and vigorously pursuing his stand-up career. Starting in 2004, Andrew began performing in Boston and has since honed his skills by performing at prestigious clubs and festivals across the country. He has been a featured performer in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival and Seattle International Comedy Competition and recently won the Boston Comedy Festival. His content has been featured on Funny or Die and one of his jokes was used a clue on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Photo Credit: Katy Hamm ANDREW MAYER ONLINE: Twitter: @mayercomedy Website:

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