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Nore Davis new album out July 3

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Nore Davis: Live from the Comedy Trap House

"I declare July 3rd my Independence Day."

Out July 3, 2020 on Blonde Medicine

Nore Davis is poised to release his 4th full-length comedy album, Live from the Comedy Trap House on Blonde Medicine July 3, 2020. This new hour of comedy was written and recorded on May 29, 2020 on Zoom, in the midst of worldwide protests and pandemic lock-down, Nore Davis felt called to capture the moment and make something in the midst of these extraordinary phenomena. 

Davis wanted to make something to save his mental and physical health, and to bring a bit of joy to people around the world. Between a challenging relationship that just ended, the alarming number of people dying from COVID-19 in New York City, and the continuing systematic oppression and unjustifiable killing of black people, Davis needed to express himself and figured we all could use a couple of laughs. Said Davis, “the material I was performing felt ready and I didn't want to wait to perform it for people once comedy clubs opened back up in like 2021?! Who knows?! By that time, I'll be performing jokes about how aliens are getting more "human" rights than black people!”

After the murder of George Floyd by four law enforcement officers (which is just one of many in recent U.S. history) spurred impassioned protests across the entire world, Nore came to some conclusions: “The social climate of America is always changing. We are currently in the beginning of finally addressing racism head on in our own country, which I'm thrilled about and was well overdue. The world finally recognizes black lives matter, baby!”

The Comedy Trap House is a recurring Zoom stand-up show founded by Nore Davis at the onset of the pandemic lock-down in March. With in-person events prohibited, he opened the digital space to connect with friends, fans and other comedians in isolation. Said Nore:

“I hope this album gives people permission to laugh and reminds them how we got to this point. We went from a killer pandemic, locked away in quarantine like inmates to witnessing black people being murdered by the police and rising up against it, all in three months! So just like white people who are always conquering something, I declare July 3rd My Independence Day. On this day, we will be reminded to laugh and allow ourselves to experience joy for 51 minutes. Once you finish the album, let's get back to work by continuing the fight to destroy racism in our own country! Love, Laugh and Live.”

About Nore Davis 

Nore Davis is a New York City-based stand-up who delivers an energetic performance filled with witty quips and sharp punch lines. Davis’s style hones the perfect balance between observational and anecdotal humor as he takes ordinary situations and transforms them into personal, relatable, cackle-inducing stories. Davis creates energetic, layered scenes complete with bold dialogues and wild intonation shifts showcasing a unique style of stand-up comedy and a powerful stage presence unlike anyone else. 

Nore’s Comedy Central Half Hour premiered in 2019. He’s performed on Conan twice, was featured on the final season of hit HBO show 2 Dope Queens, and has performed comedy on HBO’s Succession. He released his first comedy special You Guys Are Dope on Amazon Prime, is the recurring host for Marvel’s digital series Let’s Play, and was featured in season two of Comedy Central’s Thank You, Goodnight. Past credits include MTV, VH1, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, and Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer.


Media Contact: Kathryn Musilek // Shark Party Media

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