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NEW ALBUM OUT TODAY: Bad Business Club Sets The Summer Ablaze On Naked Neighbor





The Brooklyn collective’s new album is a fully-realized sonic love letter to Bad Business Club’s affair with nu-disco

(New York, NY) - Today, nu-disco collective Bad Business Club releases their second full-length album Naked Neighbor. The album follows the release of “Tired of Being Over You” and “Flip Me Over”. NYS Music praised the album, saying that “the woozy, synth-fueled atmosphere of the project fits perfectly as the soundtrack to the hottest days of the summer.”, while Adam’s World noted that “the heat of the summer is a perfect setting for Naked Neighbor”.

Naked Neighbor functions as a shimmery summer soundtrack, capping off a season of sequin cloaked, cocktail-infused sunsets. The album’s sonic blueprint is best defined by combining the Brooklyn collective’s penchant for nu-disco with classic Yacht rock sensibilities, and rounding them out with the pulsating yet polished rhythms and grooves.

Written in Puerto Rico during a week-long writing session shortly before COVID-19, the band gathered to write disco music inspired by the smooth daytime dance sounds of Poolside, Leisure, and Satin Jackets. With their instruments in hand, and bare feet in the pool, they talked about their ups, downs, successes, and mistakes living in New York City, and all came to a common experience; various stages of a summer love; themes that have been reflected in singles “Flip Me Over” and “Tired of Being Over You”.

Bad Business Club Naked Neighbor Track Listing:

1. Flip Me Over

2. Tired of Being Over You

3. Too Hot to Tame (Prelude)

4. Runnin' from You

5. Casa Soleada

6. Reflections

7. Early Morning Hours

8. Flip Me Over (Summer Sunshine Version)

About Bad Business Club:

Bad Business Club is a Nu-Disco collective with some old-school Yacht Rock touches. All Things Go said of their debut EP that it has “style that will take some back to the late 70’s, with harmonies larger than life that can bring arena shows to those humble headphones.”

Staying true to the “collective” approach, Bad Business strives to play into each individuals’ strengths. Alex Vans writes the structure of each song, purposefully leaving out specific grooves or indications to further the group’s collaborative creative method. Morgan Wiley of Midnight Magic handles production by infusing the tracks with disco influence and focusing each track on the desired texture. Sam Behr brings stellar vocal talent that helps to supercharge the melodies. Jackson Bell functions as the lead guitarist and adds structure and counter melodies to the collective’s colorful tracks, while Jim Campbell and Max Azarmehr round out the collective by dually serving as the group’s groovy backbone.

The group is primarily influenced by classic Giorgio Moroder-style Disco, and Modern Daytime disco al la Poolside and Holy Ghost!, while combining the harmonic influences of Yacht Rock. Their smooth sound transports listeners to another place, to summer breezes and early morning champagne.

They are also the hosts of the Imbibe the Vibe podcast, where they combine classic cocktails with a different music genre every month.

Bad Business Club Resources:

Instagram: @badbusinessclub

SoundCloud: Bad Business Club

Imbibe The Vibe Podcast: Apple Podcasts / Spotify / Patreon


Media Contact:

Sean Joyce

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