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The New York pop star’s doo-wop pop anthem will make you dance through your tears

New York pop artist Matty Marz looks to take his listeners to a technicolor dancefloor on his new single Pretty. Pretty is a deliciously vintage, lonely pop anthem that’ll make you dance through your tears. Inspired by the late 1950’s Doo-Wop sound by artists like Leslie Gore & The Ronettes, Pretty is a reimagining of that classic pop landscape with a bit more grit & glamour. Lyrically, telling the story of heartbreak & isolation, Matty sings about a world of his own creation where anything is possible. Tapping into modern production references such as Avril Lavigne, Melanie Martinez & Taylor Swift. Pretty transports the listener to a bubblegum pink world of wonder & extravagance.

Pretty sees Matty Marz blend pop-punk sensitivities on a track with dreamy, shimmery vocals, gritty beats, and a pinch of sparkling 60s guitar-pop for good measure.

Get a taste of Pretty out on June 25th!

About Matty Marz:

With genres ranging everywhere from punk rock, bubblegum pop, funk & electronica, Matty Marz has put himself in a category few artists get to live; a lane entirely his own making. Growing up, Matty spent much of his youth involved in various theatre companies & productions with eyes set on center stage. By 13, he started studying the craft of classical composition & vocal technique while starting his journey as a songwriter. As the formative teenage years went on he found solace & safety in pop music, which culminated in 2020’s Mine! and this year’s Nu Eyez. Artists such as Madonna, David Bowie, Prince & Lady Gaga showed him the light of what being an artist could be. As the sole creator of his music, Matty has complete control over his process. With a fiery presence & keen sense of individuality, there is nothing stopping the singer-songwriter. In this next chapter, he’s set his sights and aspirations on center stage: the world.

Matty Marz Resources:

Instagram: @iammattymarz

Spotify: Matty Marz

Twitter: @iammattymarz

SoundCloud: Matty Marz

YouTube: IAmMattyMarz


Media Contact:

Sean Joyce

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