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Love Jerks Set World Record For Most Pregnant People In a Music Video in “Out of Body"

Rebecca Garza-Bortman and Bryan Garza, Photo by Marisa Bazan

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Bay area duo and real-life couple, Love Jerks, are poised to release “Out of Body” as a Mother’s Day celebration of pregnancy and body positivity. "Out of Body" is a future-wave funk anthem, composed and recorded while growing a baby bump, complete with a sax solo. The lyrics were inspired by a midnight pregnant craving for Hot Cookie, followed by a stargazing hike atop the Corona Heights rock.

The music video portrays a lighthearted journey of a sperm and an egg, juxtaposed with a pregnant dance party in full swing. This dance party really happened, setting a world record of 127 pregnant dancers in a music video. Filmed pre-pandemic, the release is timed right at a moment when many are finally feeling a bit of hope from the more than 200 million people vaccinated in the U.S. so far.

Love Jerks, Rebecca Garza-Bortman and Bryan Garza, started writing “Out of Body” right after learning that they were going to have their very own baby. They took cues from relaxation techniques learned in hypnobirthing classes. “What better way to deal with the anxieties of birth, than to write a song?” said Rebecca Garza-Bortman.

After being bombarded by birth horror stories and disgusted by “gender reveal” celebrations (wildfires), Love Jerks decided to start their own tradition. Rebecca was feeling energized by her pregnancy and put off by strangers yelling at her in the park for jogging, so they did the only logical thing: put out a call for as many pregnant people as they could find to go have a dance party at Fairyland in Oakland, CA, and film it for their music video.

Rebecca Garza-Bortman says that “planning and hosting the pregnant dance party while 8.5 months pregnant was definitely a pregnancy highlight. We welcomed our baby son, Golden, two weeks late, (don’t let anyone tell you that dancing guarantees early labor 😂).” Despite being totally delirious, Love Jerks got right back on the horse and performed a concert 6 weeks after their son’s birth and continued playing shows around the Bay Area until the pandemic hit in Spring of 2020. Since then they’ve been writing and creating in quarantine as they can.

As with this story of pregnancy and birth, Love Jerks in fact do not have a track record for doing any life events normal. For example:

-Their wedding was a rock opera as featured in ET, Brit + Co, Black Book

-Bryan proposed during a concert

-They also wrote a rock opera for their album release, with time-travel to bring back their old/ ex bands

-For their baby's first birthday, as part of his zoom birthday party (norm), they made a Top 5 moments of his first year which ended with a very-tasteful edited birth vid (@ 3m.) yay for not-normy, positive representations of BIRTH!!

And now the music video for “Out of Body,” out on Mother's Day, is the next not normal, awesome thing.

Love Jerks is a San Francisco future-wave/dream-pop duo that leaves you no choice but to dance, swoon, or both. Fronted by two ambitious singers who made their way in the Bay Area music scene and fell in love with each other in the process: Bryan Garza (Scissor for Lefty) and Rebecca Garza-Bortman (My First Earthquake & Happy Fangs).

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