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Kintsugi - New Music Video out Dec 1 from Georgia Weber & The Sleeved Hearts


DECEMBER 1, 2023 




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“The Sleeved Hearts might as well define genre-bending, intricately fusing Weber’s jazz bass prowess with punchy, modern indie-rock arrangements.  It’s the type of combination fresh enough to break through the crowd of musicians playing it safe.” - LIVAMP



The second love song Georgia Weber has ever written is the first one she’s written in 20 years. She says, “I hope I was ready to write this one because I found my last love!” 


The music video for “Kintsugi” is made with AI video. Early this year when The Sleeved Hearts were conceptualizing music videos for the new EP, Georgia Weber felt very clear that she didn’t want to be featured in this song. It dawned on the band that AI was an newly available technology to experiment with so the wrote a basic narrative and guided the AI through the storyline using video of the band along with AI-generated imagery. The result is a surreal and captivating music video with a dreamlike effect that fits perfectly with the soft yet weighted tone of the song.  Said Weber, “the constant shifting and changing of faces in AI video, reflects how many of us share the same experiences.”


The single itself, “Kintsugi” is a poignant and heart-filling reflection of the kind of relationship that only strengthens and becomes more beautiful “even on our worst days”. After it suffers small breaks and repairs through difficult times. Kintsugi is the Japanese pottery art that celebrates imperfections; when the pottery is damaged, the cracks are filled with gold which creates a different but even more beautiful piece of work. Breaking and repair is considered something to celebrate rather than hide. 


In the same way, Weber says of her own marriage, “even on our worst days, I still feel like my husband and I are the right choice. And that in the same way, we get stronger through our challenges.”


Weber is originally from Brisbane, Australia, but her guitarist is half Japanese and half Austrian so he largely influenced the themes of the group’s upcoming EP, Big In Japan. Said Weber, “It happened almost by accident but all 4 songs on the release are influenced by Japanese culture or stories.” “Kintsugi” is the first single release from the EP.


Kintsugi” is available as a single wherever music is streamed or sold. The music video will be released via YouTube as of December 1, 2023.

About Georgia Weber

A passionate and dedicated musician, Georgia Weber describes herself as “married to her bass”.  Her affinity to her instrument, style and genre has been inspired by jazz luminaries Ron Carter, Scott LaFaro and Charlie Haden.  A musical open-mindedness allowed Weber to develop a unique sound, which has painted the lower register for some of the world’s most renowned jazz artists.

Weber graduated with a bachelor in Jazz Double Bass Performance from Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Australia, in 2004.  She worked in Brisbane Australia as a performer, session musician and teacher until moving to Melbourne, Australia in 2010.  Here, she fronted pop-punk outfit A Date With Apathy.

Weber resided in Melbourne for three years where she performed most significantly with the contemporary jazz group, Ben Carr Trio.  This trio explores the amalgamation of free form group improvisation, odd time meter grooves and swing.

Weber moved to New York City in March 2013 where she continues to perform and record with artists such as Post Modern Jukebox's Robyn Adele Anderson, established comic and jazz vocalist Camille Harris, The Morning Sea and her own trio, Georgia Weber and The Sleeved Hearts.  Weber was a finalist in the 2015 Australian National Jazz Awards. 


Georgia Weber Online:


“Kintsugi” Credits


Engineered and produced by Sonny Ratcliff at Wildwood Recording Studio 


Mastered by Matthew Agoglia at The Ranch Mastering


Music video by Sonny Ratcliff at Big Thunder Media

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