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KC ARORA'S debut comedy album DRAW 4 out on BLONDE MEDICINE on June 12

Updated: Jan 17, 2021




*Advance album streams available by request*

KC Arora is an Indian-American Queens-bred comic who was raised in a diverse neighborhood where everybody acted Italian. He's been working for the last decade in clubs all around NYC. Draw 4, out June 12 on Blonde Medicine is KC Arora's execution of the elusive triple entendre - motivated by Jay-Z's lyric in the song "Light Up"; Often, an entertainer's value is determined by their “draw”, the amount of people they can get to attend their show. In Arora's career leading up to this album’s debut, he reports that he could easily say that he could draw...4 people: "Just look at my first attempt to record this album late last year - it was a complete failure. Fortunately, I got another shot and recorded at a club that was confident that I could bring the laughs, while they brought an audience." To represent the painstaking effort of putting together this record, the “4” on the cover was hand-drawn (that’s entendre number 2). The third entendre is the UNO reference. The Draw 4 is the most important card - it has the power to change the course of the game entirely. "That is what this album is to me; an attempt to shift the course of the game I'm in." Over the course of the album, KC shares his philosophies on canon like dating, solving terrorism, and how to avoid jury duty. Special moments arise, though, when he splits the audience while making a case for why a certain chain restaurant is the best fast food in America, and telling a great story about the time he had his bike stolen. Draw 4 will be released on June 12. It is available for pre-order here: TRACK LISTING: 01. Draw 2 (Skit #1) 02. Intro 03. Italian + Indian = Guindian 04. Anti-Fertility God 05. Best Fast Food in America? 06. Skip (Skit #2) 07. Getting out of Jury Duty 08. Hitting on Women 09. Sex on a Full Stomach 10. Reverse (Skit #3) 11. Getting Old Together 12. Solving Terrorism 13. High at a Wedding 14. The NYC Bicycle Thief 15. Draw 4 (Skit #4) 16. Dirty Jokes 4 Blue (Bonus Track)

Kunal C. Arora, or “KC” is a NYC-based comedian whose biting observational humor and sarcastic charm will have you doubled over with laughter at every show. KC made his first national, non-court related TV appearance on Laughs on FOX in 2015, and has been on the rise ever since. After making almost a dozen appearances on Laughs on Fox, he was seen on SeeSo’s New York’s Funniest. TruTV’s Late Night Snack and was a semi-finalist in NBC’s Standup for Diversity. KC made it to the final four of Caroline’s March Madness competition. Kunal was also part of the viral web series and advertisement campaign for Optimum’s The UnMovers.

His first full nationally televised comedy set for Gotham Comedy Live aired on AXS TV February 2017. His set on SeeSo’s The Guest List aired on June 2017. He appeared on three episodes of FOX’s Punchlines in August 2017, in 2018, he was featured on an ESPN sketch, and in 2019, he taped a set for Gotham Comedy Live on NextVR. He can also be seen on the hit CBS show BULL and Apple TV+ show Little Voice

When Kunal isn’t performing across the U.S., you can find him hanging out in comedy clubs around New York City.

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @alldaykca

For all media requests, please contact Andrew Gerhan:

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