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(Click to download high-resolution image) LIVE AT LITTLEFIELD - BROOKLYN, NY THURSDAY, MAY 18

WHO: Entirely From Memory is a group of improvisers, actors, and comedians who attempt (and fail) to recreate classic stories in front of a live audience. A chaotic mix of nostalgia, improv, theatre, and comedy, they’ve been performing all over New York City since 2013. WHAT: Performers will attempt (and most likely fail) to recreate Terminator 2: Judgement Day without the aid of scripts, rehearsals, or sobriety. All they will have is their memory, a recent viewing of the film, and a lot of wigs. How certain are we that they'll succeed? So certain that we're making it harder for them. Performers: - won't know what role they are playing until they get onstage. - must incorporate lines written by the audience. - must incorporate any sound effect played by the tech booth. - must spontaneously create “deleted scenes” when an audience member honks the magic horn Love the movie? We got you covered. Never seen it? We got you covered. You think you saw it once and you kind of remember it? You're probably in the show! It will be absolute chaos, but rest assured we will do our best to teach Spanish to a cybernetic organism. A portion of the proceeds will go to Black Girls CODE, a non-profit organization focused on building pathways for young women of color to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders and creators by introducing them to skills in computer programming and technology by taking radical action to close the opportunity gap for Black women and girls. Black Girls CODE is devoted to showing the world that Black girls can code, lead, innovate, and engineer their own futures. WHERE: Littlefield - 635 Sackett Street, Brooklyn NY 11217, WHEN: Thursday, May 18 | Doors: 7:30 pm, Show: 8:00 pm, | $10 | 21+ HOW: PR RESOURCES | PHOTOS | GRAPHICS | PRESS KIT HERE: All PR Inquiries to: Andrew Gerhan -

(Click to download high-resolution image) MORE ABOUT ENTIRELY FROM MEMORY Entirely From Memory is a group of improvisers, actors, and comedians who attempt (and fail) to recreate classic stories in front of a live audience. The show takes a classic movie or story and forces the “cast” to recreate it on the spot. Performers don’t know who they’ll be playing (our host casts them in front of the audience) so they can’t rehearse any adlibs or jokes. They must incorporate audience-submitted lines written pre-show, random sound effects played from the tech booth, and “deleted scenes” cued by an audience member with a horn. All this to say, the performers are set up to fail. When they do it’s hilarious, but when they succeed, it’s a miracle! By the end of every show, what has been created is something both nostalgic and yet unique to the night and the room. Like Jurassic Park, some DNA survives from the original, but so much frog DNA has been added that by the time we arrive at our dinosaur, it’s astonishing that it works at all! Entirely From Memory is able to donate roughly 30% of ticket revenues to charitable organizations addressing important causes both locally and around the world, and which often tie into the stories on stage. Proceeds from Hook went to benefit Indigenous children, and proceeds from Harry Potter to Trans rights. Entirely From Memory began in 2013 at TADA! Theatre in Manhattan with an attempt to remember “A Christmas Carol”. Coming up on its ten year anniversary, Entirely From Memory takes on a different film each month on the third Thursday at Littlefield in Brooklyn. Performers: Willy Appelman, Eric Austin, Herbert Benjamin, Regina Carregha, Ryan Chittaphong, Thomas Costello, Ben Furnas, Molly Gaebe, Lena Gloria, Claire Gresham, Kyra Jackson, Alexis Lambright, Elizabeth Leimkuhler, Pete McElligott, Austin Sanders, Andy Schneeflock, and Scott Thomas. ENTIRELY FROM MEMORY - ONLINE

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