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Emily Catalano HEY. out June 28 on Blonde Medicine

Announcing the June 28, 2024 Comedy Album Release from Blonde Medicine


Emily Catalano, Hey.







Blonde Medicine is excited to announce the debut comedy album release from Emily Catalano, Hey., out June 28 wherever comedy is streamed or sold, available for purchase on vinyl and coming out in a Dolby Atmos Version as well. Recorded live at the San Francisco Punch Line, the venue where she truly began her comedy journey, Emily Catalano’s Hey. showcases her laid back style and sharp writing. On this debut album you’ll hear about Emily’s upbringing as a tomboy with 3 brothers, her religious parents’ reaction when she came out as agnostic, and a both poignant and epic tale involving a loved one’s ashes. 


Said Emily Catalano, “my debut album serves as a compilation of my best material to date, drawing from my experiences with marriage, divorce, dating, and religion. It's densely packed with jokes rooted in my personal life. Think of it as a therapy session, but with more laughs and less co-pays.”


Emily Catalano is a Los Angeles-based comedian who made her late night stand-up debut on CONAN and has gained recognition through viral clips on social media. Known for her quick wit and dry humor, Emily's talent for crafting jokes out of everyday situations has garnered attention from Time Out LA, who named her a "Comic to Watch." Vulture praised Emily’s punchlines, saying, “They hit especially hard because they surprise you twice.” Her deadpan delivery and unhurried pace adds an extra layer of prowess to her act, making her a standout in the comedy scene.



Emily Catalano, Hey.




1. Hey.

2. My Best Joke

3. Dumb

4. Los Angeles

5. Married

6. Divorced

7. Dating is Hard

8. I Have a Boyfriend

9. Fantasy Football

10. Hiccups

11. Giving Thanks

12. Cool Church

13. The #1 Sin

14. Ashes

15. Buddies

16. Bedroom Gameplan


Production Credits:

Executive Producers: Dominic Del Bene & Jessica Mozes

Produced by: Dominic Del Bene & Jessica Mozes

Recorded by: Jessica Mozes at The San Francisco Punch Line

Edited by: Craig Billmeier

Mixed/Mastered by: Anthony Catalano

Graphic Design by: YONIL


Emily Catalano online:




(Emily Catalano, photo by Jim McCambridge)




Blonde Medicine Album Page:


About Blonde Medicine:

Blonde Medicine is a record label and production company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. With roots in comedy and music production, they aim to help Artists make great art, no matter what form it may take. Their genre-spanning releases can be found at


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