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ANNICK ADELLE - Between Two Worlds

Debut Comedy Album from Annick Adelle About Living Between Worlds in a Number of Ways New York, Monday, July 11, 2022- Annick Adelle’s debut comedy album, Between Two Worlds, is set for release August 12, 2022 on Blonde Medicine. Between Two Worlds will be available wherever comedy is streamed or sold and is available for pre-order now. As the title suggests, the album explores what it means to live between two worlds in various ways: between ‘corporate America’ (where Annick worked before standup) and the arts (now working as a comedian); being German-bred while residing in the USA, and embarking on the gender journey and living on the spectrum between male and female. Says Annick, “the pandemic made a lot of us realize what we want in life, and I got much more determined. I for one decided to infect more people. With laughter.

Between Two Worlds was recorded in front of an unassuming Fargo, ND audience at The Cellar at the Front Street Taproom, which has significance as the first comedy club to give Annick a headlining spot and hang Annick’s autographed photograph on the wall! Annick aimed to capture the energy and magic of live stand-up comedy as authentically as possible, thus it was not even announced as an album taping but just as a live show. The material on Between Two Worlds is in-the-moment comedy, peppered with hilarious crowd work, and demonstrates the breadth of Annick’s talent. Annick’s comedy is observational, sharp and situational. “You had to be there” is how audiences often describe an Annick Adelle set.

Annick Adelle is an internationally performing stand-up comedian who began in San Francisco and now lives between New York City and Berlin. Annick performs throughout the US and Europe, recently opening for Iliza Shlesinger, and has appeared at Sketchfest in San Francisco and Laughing Skull Festival in Atlanta. Annick plans to tape with Comedy Central this fall. Track listing: 01. Fargo - Here We Are! 02. Female Headliner! Or Is It? 03. Born and Raised in Germany 04. American vs. German Audiences 05. Culture of Remembrance 06. Against All Odds 07. Corporate Work Life 08. Gender Reveal 09. Why Do You Live in Fargo? 10. We’re So Weird 11. Testosterone Side Effects 12. Sandwiches Everywhere! 13. Perspective is Important 14. Whatever I Am Right Now 15. Gotta Have Fun in Life 16. We’re Still Weird 17. Follow Your Dream

Executive Producers: Dominic Del Bene, Jessica Mozes Recorded by: Jonathan Siri-Mohs at The Cellar at the Front Street Tap Room, Fargo, ND (owner: Lindsey Lee) Mixed/Mastered by: Craig Billmeier Photography by: Jim McCambridge Graphic Design by: Geoff Tice

ABOUT BLONDE MEDICINE: Blonde Medicine is a record label and production company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. With roots in comedy and music production, they aim to help Artists make great art, no matter what form it may take.Their genre-spanning releases can be found at Annick Adelle Online:

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