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AN EVENING WITH TIM HEIDECKER Available Soon on Additional Platforms From 800 Pound Gorilla Records

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, January 19, 2021

800 Pound Gorilla PR: Kathryn Musilek //

Tim Heidecker PR: Jessica Linker & Jacob Daneman //,

January 19 - TODAY: Sirius XM and Pandora (As Audio Comedy Album)

January 26: Amazon Prime Video (Special) & Everywhere Comedy Albums are Streamed or Sold (As Audio Comedy Album)

Graphics For Download Here

Production Stills for Download Here

Tim Heidecker’s first-ever stand-up special, An Evening With Tim Heidecker, is poised for an expanded release and world-wide availability via 800 Pound Gorilla Records. The special and album from one of America’s top 5 comedians is available today, January 19, 2021 on Sirius XM and Pandora (audio album), and on January 26, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video streaming (non-members may buy or rent) and as an audio album everywhere comedy albums are sold or streamed. The special was originally released exclusively on Tim Heidecker’s YouTube channel in late October 2020. Filmed in Los Angeles pre-COVID, produced by Abso Lutely Productions, and directed by Ben Berman, An Evening With Tim Heidecker features Tim’s unique, no-holds-barred takes on modern inconveniences, PC culture, politics and marriage. You can call it a send-up, a parody, a character, a performance piece, or whatever you’d like, but at the end of the day, it’s jokes! Please clap. About Tim Heidecker: Tim Heidecker is an actor, comedian, producer, musician and podcast host. He is the co-creator of Adult Swim’s Tom Goes To The Mayor, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories, Beef House, Decker, and On Cinema, and star and writer of the film Mister America. He also hosts the weekly podcast, Office Hours. In addition to An Evening With Tim Heidecker, last year saw the Showtime premiere of Moonbase 8, the astronaut comedy series starring Heidecker, Fred Armisen and John C. Reilly. Additionally, Tim is a musician. Heidecker’s new album, Fear of Death, is out now on Spacebomb Records and saw vast critical acclaim upon its release. Website - Twitter - Youtube - Instagram About 800 Pound Gorilla Records: Established in 2016, 800 Pound Gorilla was started by managers of comedians in need of a comedy record label that would bring a modern focus of behavioral targeting, digital marketing and fan engagement around comedy. The record label now has close to 250 comics on the roster, making it the largest and fastest growing comedy record label in the world. 800 Pound Gorilla Records works with all of the major talent agencies and management companies in comedy and have also built strong relationships at the various video and audio platforms as well. Website - Instagram - Youtube 800 Pound Gorilla Media Contact:

Kathryn Musilek // Shark Party Media // // 347-712-2024

Tim Heidecker Media Contacts:

Jessica Linker & Jacob Daneman // Pitch Perfect PR //, // 773-942-6954

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