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ADAM CAYTON-HOLLAND: WALLPAPER comedy special OUT 12/8: at 800 Pound Gorilla, 1/18 everywhere








Advance streaming link available by request


800 Pound Gorilla is pleased to announce the release of Wallpaper, a new comedy special from Adam Cayton-Holland! Wallpaper is available on Friday, Dec 8 exclusively from 800 Pound Gorilla Media, and will stream everywhere beginning on Thursday, Jan 18.


Denver-bred Adam Cayton-Holland, who has lived all over the world yet still considers himself a Colorado boy, celebrates 20 years of stand-up (this April) with Wallpaper, a special about a comic coming to terms with fatherhood - although this was never his goal: 


I never wanted to be a dad comic, a ‘kids say the darndest things’ comedian. But you write what you know, and I have two boys now. It’s what I’ve been writing about because if you aren’t focused on that, you’re a shitty dad.” 


Because not everybody is a dad, Cayton-Holland worked to make it funny and relatable to everybody: 


A few weeks before I taped, I ran the hour at a club in North Carolina, and all these Gen Z’ers who found me on tik tok came to the show, and we’re dying, and I thought, ‘hell yeah, this hour is ready’. I think it’s my best work to date, and I’m really proud of it.


This is Adam’s sixth hour, but his first full-length video special. Over the past two decades, he has built up a sizable cult following, and Wallpaper is his most-substantial offering to-date, both  to his fans and the comedy world at large.


Filled with tales of parenthood that arrive in Cayton-Holland’s unique style: laced in poetic language, chock-full of strange detail, and delivered with equal thoughtfulness and silliness, Wallpaper surpasses typical fatherhood material. Wrestling on stage with whether or not he wants to become a dad comedian at all, Adam is aware that his fans didn’t sign on for his take on Paw Patrol (“defund Paw Patrol” he proclaims bravely!). A surreal bit that closes the special hilariously recounts a long conversation Adam had with his 3-year old about his career and the comedy industry overall. In this very real conversation that definitely happened, Adam’s 3-year old discourages him from joining the “toxic masculinity podcast circle jerk” dominating the industry. Instead, his son encourages him to be proud of the performer he’s becoming, commending him for “writing what he knows.” Wallpaper showcases a comedian growing into a new kind of artist and person right before our eyes, hilariously, and vulnerably! 




Adam Cayton-Holland is a national touring comic who has appeared on Conan, WTF with Marc Maron, Comedy Central Presents, The Late Late Show with James Corden, @midnight, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, and more. He has been named one of Esquire magazine’s “25 Comics to Watch” and one of “10 Comics to Watch” by Variety. 


Along with his cohorts in The Grawlix, he created, wrote, and starred in Those Who Can’t, which aired for three seasons on truTV. The Grawlix also host a podcast, “The Grawlix Saves the World,” which is available everywhere.


His albums, I Don’t Know If I Happy, Backyards, Adam Cayton-Holland Performs His Signature Bits (voted one of Vulture’s Top Ten Albums of 2018), Semblance of Normalcy and Hot Takes are all available on iTunes. Adam Cayton-Holland Performs His Signature Bits is also available on vinyl through the record label Saddle Creek.


Cayton-Holland is the founder of the High Plains Comedy Festival in Denver. He has performed at comedy festivals all over the world, as well as The Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. Adam’s writing has appeared in McSweeney’s, SPIN, The A.V. Club, The New York Times, Esquire and The Atlantic. His first book, Tragedy Plus Time was called, “inspiring, tragic, and at times heart-rendingly funny” by People magazine. He once threw out the opening pitch at a Colorado Rockies game and people have described him as “genial,” and “with decent teeth.”




Established in 2016, 800 Pound Gorilla Media was started by managers of comedians in need of a company that would bring a modern focus of behavioral targeting, digital marketing and fan engagement around comedy video projects and audio. The company has released over 500 comedians' projects and has partnered with companies like Netflix, Kevin Hart’s LOL, and All Things Comedy. The company has also produced and released over 60 stand up comedy video specials on various platforms including two of the most successful comedy specials ever on YouTube, Mark Normand’s Out To Lunch and Matt Rife’s Only Fans.


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