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800 POUND GORILLA PRODUCTIONS: An Innovative Production Company with Matt Schuler at the Lead

Deadline has the exclusive that 800 Pound Gorilla Media is proud to announce the launch of a new production company headed up by Matt Schuler. In his new position at the recently launched 800 Pound Gorilla Productions, Schuler will bring his live production expertise in the stand-up comedy industry and merge it with the fast-growing 800 Pound Gorilla Media empire taking aim at building high-quality video comedy specials. With Matt at the helm, 800 Pound Gorilla Productions will not only focus on comedy specials but also on scripted and non-scripted projects. All the upcoming projects will be produced with a variety of budgets and platform goals in mind while offering clients and talent no-nonsense transparent reporting.

Said Matt Schuler:

“I couldn’t be more excited to work with partners who share my vision of today’s stand-up comedy landscape. In a world where high quality, budget-friendly content is desperately needed, 800 Pound Gorilla Productions is in a perfect position to offer new solutions for comedians at every stage of their career.”

Matt Schuler is an accomplished producer focused primarily on comedy specials. Among his credits are several critically acclaimed specials including Netflix’s Ronny Chieng: Asian Comedian Destroys America and Michael Che Matters, Comedy Central’s Bill Burr Presents: The Ringers as well as Showtime’s Funny Women Of A Certain Age and SXSW Comedy. He began his career at UTA, and then worked as a talent manager for several years before transitioning into his career as a producer.

Response from 800 Pound Gorilla Media:

“Every comic we talk to is looking for a video strategy to help grow their audience. They want to work with no nonsense, fun, cool, smart people to do that. Matt is all of those things and fits with our team well.” - Damion Greiman, 800 Pound Gorilla Media

“Partnering with Matt was an easy decision. He has proven himself time and time again with the ability to shoot high-quality, unique productions within budgets of all sizes. We have been fans of Matt for years and couldn’t be more excited to join forces.” - Ian Adkins, 800 Pound Gorilla Media

“This is just one step closer to eventually working with Elon Musk to produce the first stand up comedy special on the moon!” - Ryan Bitzer, 800 Pound Gorilla Media

“At first I was like, whoa, and then I was all, DUDE!” Anthony Leo, 800 Pound Gorilla Media

About 800 Pound Gorilla Media:

Established in 2016, 800 Pound Gorilla Media was started by managers of comedians in need of a company that would bring a modern focus of behavioral targeting, digital marketing and fan engagement around comedy albums, podcasts, and video projects. The record label division has over 300 comics on their roster and works with Netflix, Kevin Hart’s LOL, All Things Comedy, and others. The company has also produced over 30 stand up comedy video specials on various platforms including one of the most successful comedy specials of the year on YouTube, Mark Normand’s Out To Lunch which by the time you read this will probably be over 10 Million views.

Media Contact: Kathryn Musilek // Shark Party Media //

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