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800 Pound Gorilla Media Launches New Comedy Hub Website: Specials, Albums and News

800 Pound Gorilla Media Launches New Comedy Hub Website


New Website Is Destination for Comedy Specials, Albums, and News From Around the World 


There used to be a time when you could turn on your TV, flip to a comedy channel, and get everything you wanted as a comedy fan. You only had to go to one place to see the latest from your favorite comedians, be introduced to new comics, and gather what was happening within the genre. Those days are over. Today our media landscape is fractured: a comedy fan has to scour the internet for the scattered remains of something funny to watch. Finding new comedy and enjoying it shouldn’t be complicated and confusing. 800 Pound Gorilla Media (800PGM) wants to change that.


800PGM, one of the world’s leading comedy media companies, has just launched the website that they predict will become the online destination for comedy fans. Fans can watch comedy specials or listen to comedy albums all in one place. Since its founding in 2016, 800PGM has produced or distributed immensely popular comedy projects, from Youtube releases like Mark Normand’s Out To Lunch and Matt Rife’s Only Fans, to video specials for streamers like Leanne Morgan’s I’m Every Woman on Netflix, to comedy albums from beloved comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Iliza Shlesinger.  Now, in addition to making world-class comedy, 800PGM is making that comedy easily accessible. Selling projects direct-to-fans on a "pay what you want" basis, 800PGM is bringing comedy straight to fans and allowing them to directly support the comedians at the same time. 


What’s more, fans can now come to even for their comedy industry news. After the acquisition of the entertainment and news company The Laugh Button, 800PGM has announced 800 Pound Gorilla News. 800PG NEWS is an editorial & news publication covering all the latest in the world of comedy from stand-up, film, and television, to comedian interviews and reviews. 


800PGM is committed to bringing the funniest content from around the world to fans across the globe, working not only in the U.S. but also with productions in the UK, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.


With projects in production all over the world, a modern website to deliver those projects to fans, and $1.5 million in royalties paid to comics last year, CFO Mike Bannon says 800PGM is "set to establish itself as the world's foremost comedy media company."  



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