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Season 3 of 'Family Ghosts' podcast launches today, telling the story of a shameful American

Updated: May 22

Season 3 of 'Family Ghosts' Podcast Launches Today from Spoke Media and WALT-FM

The first episode begins a three-part story about the descendants of the Clotilda, the last known U.S. slave ship,

in Africatown, Mobile, Alabama and new evidence of its existence

Listen: The Clotilda Legacy, Part 1: The Descendants

"...Family Ghosts goes farther than just uncovering the secrets. It also explores how the thing that’s buried is the key to understanding the self."

The third season of Sam Dingman's podcast Family Ghosts begins with The Clotilda Legacy, Part 1: The Descendants. Producer Vera Carothers bears witness to the story of the residents of Africatown in Mobile, Alabama - the town was founded by their ancestors, who came over on the last known slave ship to dock on U.S. shores, The Clotilda. Timothy Meaher, a titan of industry in 19th-century Mobile, bet some drinking buddies he could sneak an entire ship of slaves into the city’s port without tipping off the federal government - and succeeded. The Meahers and most of Mobile have always dismissed this story as an overblown myth but remnants of the ship were recently found, proving its existence. And yet, Mobile at large and the Meaher family refuse to acknowledge it or speak about any of it - so in fact, this is perhaps America's biggest family ghost that still looms and stays with us to this day, despite the Meahers' denial. Sam and fellow producer Vera Carothers went to Africatown and spoke with the people living there about their lifelong fight to be heard and believed, including Joycelyn Davis, whose ancestors were kidnapped and brought to America on the Clotilda. Two more episodes will follow and continue to tell this story.

In each episode of Family Ghosts, Sam and his producers investigate the true story behind a mysterious figure whose legend has followed a family for generations. From grandmothers who were secret jewel thieves to mothers who assumed multiple identities, Family Ghosts gets to the bottom of the stories that have haunted families for years, and sometimes generations. Future episodes in season 3 will tell the stories for a 10 million dollar jewel heist, long-lost love letters from a father no one knew existed, a brother's disappearance on a missionary trip, and much more.

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About Sam Dingman, creator of Family Ghosts

Sam Dingman is the creator and host of Family Ghosts, the critically-acclaimed storytelling podcast celebrated as critic’s choice by Vulture, NPR, and the LA Times. He also co-created the hit podcast Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn, and served as editor for Karina Longworth’s celebrated You Must Remember This. He’s a winner of the Moth Grand Slam, and his stories have been featured on The Moth Radio Hour, RISK!, and APM’s Too Beautiful To Live.

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