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Out 11/19: Robyn Schall's debut comedy album 'Guilty Pleasure!'



Out November 19

Pre-sale available November 12

On Tuesday, November 19th, world-touring comedian Robyn Schall will release her debut comedy album, Guilty Pleasure!, on 800 Pound Gorilla. If anyone had a path leading them to stand-up comedy; it's Robyn Schall. Wearing leg braces "like Forrest Gump" (her words) as a child, illiterate to the age of 16 and at one point weighing 215 pounds, Robyn says "I was a walking sit-com." She says she uses the word “walking” lightly... "more of a wobble." After shedding the leg braces, learning how to read, losing the weight, and earning her BFA in acting, Schall has some stories to share.

From the age of six when she was diagnosed with a bone disease, Robyn Schall spent a lot of time in hospital beds. It was here that she first watched "Comic Relief Live" with Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams, and understood that comedy could have such a positive impact. From then on, Robyn became obsessed. She watched women like Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, and Ellen DeGeneres, and decided she wanted to grow up and make people laugh the way they made her laugh. Even Robyn's Bat Mitzvah was themed "Robyn's Comedy Club!".

With Guilty Pleasure! recorded at The Triad Theatre in New York on August 20, 2019 and the release date coming up on November 19, her dream of releasing a comedy album is finally coming to fruition. Robyn's comedy is a mix of storytelling and self-deprecating humor, along with over 30 distinct and hilarious characters she is known for portraying. From her embarrassing dating experiences to struggles with weight to her wacky family, Guilty Pleasure! holds nothing back and manages to find the humor in it all.

About Robyn Schall:

Robyn Schall is a regular in the New York comedy scene and an international headliner. She has just returned from her third tour overseas performing for the troops. She has performed all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. Robyn has been on TV shows such as Gotham Live, Wendy Williams Show, Bethanny Show, Raising McCain, The Little Couple and The List. After appearing on four episodes of The List she was hired to be a writer for the sketch comedy show “Edge and Christian Show” on the WWE network.

Schall is most known for her 30+ distinct and hilarious characters that she performs online.She started auditioning off her characters props and costumes while live-streaming to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. With the help of her generous followers she raised a total to $30,910 over the course of 6 nights. All 6 checks were brought in while live-streaming so that everyone around the world who took part could be there with her. You can see these wacky characters and more in her daily sketches on instagram @robynschallcomic Robyn is so excited for the world to laugh at her debut comedy album, Guilty Pleasure!.

Robyn Schall Online

Twitter: @robynschall

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