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OUT TOMORROW: Pier 69 Debut Comedy Album -- Andrew Orolfo on CORDEN




Pier 69's debut comedy album, Junior Varsity, will be released tomorrow on Blonde Medicine, available wherever comedy albums are sold or streamed. This self-proclaimed "scrappy indie comedy compilation" was recorded at the legendary San Francisco underground comedy venue, Setup SF. Joey Avery, Andrew Orolfo, Dauood Naimyar and Mark Smalls make up Pier 69, a collective of comedians whose diverse styles of unapologetic humor quickly made their Pier 69 podcast a staple of the San Francisco comedy scene. While many may know them from their sketch-based YouTube channel, or weekly comedy podcast, each artist is truly at home on the stand-up stage and Junior Varsity is the world’s introduction to the next generation of comedy.

Although all of the members Pier 69 grew up in San Francisco, they provide four very different perspectives on the album. Andrew is Asian-American, Dauood is Afghani-American, Mark hates his life, and Joey loves his. Junior Varsity brings these differing viewpoints to overlapping topics, specifically on trying to find the balance between wokeness and identity with candor and comedy.

If comedy was a high school, Junior Varsity offers commentary from Captains of the JV team about life from the top of the bottom. With so much on the horizon, Pier 69 wanted to encapsulate their friendship and this monumental time in their lives doing comedy in the Bay Area before new projects and big moves take them all in different directions.

Track listing:

1. Joey Avery

2. Good To Be Me 3. The Gift of Little Spoon 4. D.A.R.E. To Keep Kids Off D.A.R.E.

5. Gay Bars Are The Most Fun 6. Dauood Naimyar 7. All Of The Dating Apps 8. Short Guys Pick On Me 9. Dauood Offends People 10. Too P.C. 11. Mark Smalls 12. Good Energy 13. White & Woke 14. We're Open 15. Andrew Orolfo 16. Let 'Em Know 17. Big Year 18. Driving Laws and Store Policies

19. That Pot Life

20. My Goofy Dad & The Richter Scale


Filipino American, Andrew Orolfo has been named one of the country’s "top knot" comedians by... don't even ask, just go with it. An established staple in San Francisco comedy, he has been featured in SF Sketchfest, Limestone Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival and Comedy Central Clusterfest. He can be heard on Sirius XM Radio and seen on Comedy Dynamics “Coming to the Stage”. He currently headlines colleges across the country.


After starting his career in Cape Town, South Africa Joey Avery brought his positive and energetic brand of comedy to San Francisco and received the Jimmy Gunn award for Best Newcomer to the Bay Area comedy scene. He was recently honored by the SF Chronicle as one of the Bay Area's Comics to catch. Joey appeared on Fox and AJ+ as well as in the San Francisco Sketchfest Comedy Festival and the San Diego Sun God Music and Arts Festival. He hosts the Chubbies Podcast, the Pier 69 podcast, and creates content for Chubbies Entertainment.


Born with a foreign name in an American country (America), Dauood Muhammad Naimyar learned the value of assimilating at a very young age. Because of this, he tried his best to not be different but failed at every encounter. Once he embraced his eccentric point of view, he saw the humor all around him. Dauood’s comedic perspective is shaped by the duality of his constant need to fit in, and his relentless desire to be different. His search for being relatable yet controversial has brought audiences joy for six years--and will probably continue until he finally figures out who he is. We hope he doesn’t, 'cause bills need to be paid. ​​


Mark Smalls is an American stand up comedian, podcaster and streamer. Based out of San Francisco California but has worked all over the country. Recently took home 3rd in the 2018 SF International Comedy Competition and has been featured in Sketchfest, Comedy Centrals Clusterfest, and more. You can see him nightly in the Bay at any club including the Punch Line, Cobbs Comedy Club, and The Improv where he headlines regularly.


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