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Awkward Sex and the City: The Podcast!


The host of the beloved live storytelling show Awkward Sex and the City brings her signature candor and warm wit to a very personal conversation each week.

“The tone is joyful, a celebration of the oddities of sex and pursuing sex.” -Boston Globe

The beloved touring storytelling show Awkward Sex and the City now exists as an equally revealing and cringe-worthy podcast, hosted by creator and producer Natalie Wall, making its special blend of earnest and often shocking honesty available to the world. Each week, a guest discusses real stories about their sexual exploits, adventures, discoveries and revelations with the host, and for every hilarious sexual tale, there's something really gross to match. Together, Natalie and her guest(s) find common ground in even the most outrageous stories, and her signature openness and quick wit make it all feel like a celebration of the inherent awkwardness of sex.

Suggested episodes:

On this episode, Natalie brings on her great friend and fellow tour performer, Bobby Hankinson. They cover Chat Roulette, coming out, using LiveJournal and Myspace to date, and how to freak out your parents.

Guest Sarah Kennedy discusses being proposed to, coming out to her family, and the comedy scene in Albuquerque, NM.

Guest Arti Gollapudi tells a story about burping cum and Fanta, her sensitive ex-boyfriend getting a nose bleed, and taking back sexual empowerment while being awkward, but not giving a f**k!

Guest Veronica Garza sits down with Natalie to discuss religion, loving women, and Texas.

Awkward Sex and the City online:

Natalie Wall is the creator/producer/headliner of "Awkward Sex... and the City," which showcases comedians with hilarious awkward sexual tales. She is also the co-founder/co-producer of Bad Assery: The Woman and Comedy Conference. When Wall is not working on "Awkward Sex" she can be seen performing stand-up all around New York City. She has trained with The People’s Improv Theater and James Madison University. Her writing credits include Redbook Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Time Out NY, Complex and more.

Twitter: @wallnp

Instagram: @gnatalieeee

Based in Brooklyn, More Banana was founded in early 2018 as a response to a gap in the podcasting world. This gap was twofold: a noticeable lack of women working in audio and podcast production, and a need for women to not doubt their opinions, interests, and expertise, even in a media that does not highlight them as experts. More Banana was created to close that gap and elevate the views of women; not just because it is a woman’s perspective, but because it’s a damn good perspective.


Heidi Vanderlee

Shark Party Media

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