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George Gordon's Comedy Album YOUR GOOD FRIEND - Out October 9th

George Gordon's debut stand-up comedy album Your Good Friend may have his name on it, but this album belongs to George's community, too. In fact, each track is subtitled with the name of, appropriately, a good friend of his in comedy, along with some family members. Recorded at the beloved Union Hall in Brooklyn, New York, Your Good Friend is the perfect introduction to George's brilliant storytelling method of conversational and deceptively measured delivery, capturing the audience with sleeper hits before they even know what's happened to them. Once they've learned about his memorable Paul Giamatti interactions, drinking with the original Becky from Roseanne, his mother's decidedly capitalist concerns about his comedy career and his particular love for coleslaw, the listener will have a new friend in George Gordon. Your Good Friend will be available on all digital platforms on October 9th from Little Lamb recordings.

George Peyton Gordon III (yes, that is his real name) is a comedian from Dale City, VA, (or as he likes to call it, the great state of Virginia). He currently lives in New York City where you can see his stand-up almost every night, then argue with him about things like which is the better Weezer album—Pinkerton or Blue (definitely Pinkerton)—or why Alien is better than Aliens (because it just is). He has been in the New York Underground Festival, The Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, OR, The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, TX, the audience award winner at Laugh Track Festival in Denver and his writing has been included in the blog Rock Bottom. He has an unhealthy obsession with using parentheses.

Your Good Friend Track Listing:

1. Intro (Mom)

2. Wedding Story (Dad)

3. Turning 40 (Cissy)

4. Halloween Story (Samantha)

5. Blipsters (Matt and Christina)

6. Grant's Story (Doug)

7. NASCAR (3596)

8. Cole Slaw (Brads and Ashleys)

9. Vodka Soda 1740 (Selena)

10. Bartender Story (Kendra)

11. Don't Do Drugs (Robert)

12. New Roommate (DW)

13. Roommate Sex (MDS)

14. ATM (Little Lamb)

15. Road Pussy (Brian)

16. Using Lines (Brendan)

17. Lauren's Story (Cousins)

18. Paul Giamatti (Elaine)

19. The Original Becky from Roseanne (Everyone)

George Gordon online:

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