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  • Heidi Vanderlee shares trailer for Allison Raskin's scripted podcast 'Gossip,' coming June 14th

Created by and Starring Allison Raskin

Featuring Victoria Rowell, Beth Littleford and Amanda Perez

Listen to the Gossip trailer here on Elle:



"Gossip (hello, great name) will satisfy any fan of the titular concept: It's about three friends who meet weekly to tattle and flip out over the latest developments in their suburban town, Golden Acres." - Elle

"Gossip is devised as a soap opera and promises Desperate Housewives-style intrigue that you can dip in and out of." - The Guardian has exclusively shared the trailer for New York Times bestseller Allison Raskin's new scripted podcast, Gossip, coming out on June 14th from Stitcher. Gossip centers on three unlikely female friends: Valerie (Victoria Rowell), Mia (Amanda Perez), and Bethany (Allison Raskin). Each week, they meet at the Golden Cup Coffee Corner to drink coffee and share the latest gossip floating around their not-so-traditional suburban town, Golden Acres. When the juicy stories involve infidelity, secret pasts, and murder, does it even matter if the rumors are true? Each episode will also feature an accompanying comic from New Yorker artists such as Amy Kurzweil, Sofia Warren, Hilary Campbell, and more.

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