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Emma Arnold: 'YES, PLEASE' Comedy Album out June 8th on Blonde Medicine

Comedian, Emma Arnold's upcoming album, "Yes,Please" is poised for a wide release on June 8th on Blonde Medicine. Meanwhile, Arnold is on tour with shows in L.A., NYC, Durham, Atlanta, Lafayette, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Denver and Fort Collins.

Emma Arnold is America's fiercest sweetheart. Equal parts outrageous and thoughtful, her standup comedy is engaging, honest, and comes from the heart. In addition to being a successful touring comedian, Emma is the cofounder and artistic director of the 208 Comedyfest, the codirector of Comedyfort (part of the Treefort Festival), as well as a mother of three and third generation beekeeper.

Her debut comedy album, "Shut Up, Calvin" is available from Rooftop Comedy and spent 3 weeks at #1 on the iTunes comedy charts. When not touring, Emma lives in Idaho, where she keeps kids and bees with varying degrees of success.


1- A Little Extra Sauce

2- Recording Live from Boise Idaho

3- What Do You Guys Think About My Beaver?

4- Do You Really Have 6 Kids?

5- So Then The Doctor Goes "Huh..."

6- Checking in with the Crowd

7- You're Lucky If You Have an Autistic Person in Your Life

8- A Story I'm Goint To Tell you That I Don't Want You to Feel Bad About

9- I Have a Boyfriend, Nbd, Pt. 1

10- I Have a Boyfriend, Nbd, Pt. 2

11- The Best Gift I Could Have Ever Asked For

12- A Vagina Hand puppet Teaches Sex Ed

13- I've Been on the Road a Lot Lately

14- A Guide to Sending Dick Pics

15- Keepin' It (Too) Spicy

16- Learn to Love the Child That You Have

17- Emma Signs Off

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